Archive for August 2nd, 2007

There's been some talk, lately, about the "friendly" AJAX worm coded by Benjamin Flesch as a proof of concept both leveraging and patching 3 XSS vulnerabilities he found in WordPress 2.2.x.

Allowing a foreign program to run on your system without a chance to scrutinize its source code is not a great idea (I know, many Microsoft customers could not agree).

I'm very new to WordPress (I started playing with it 3 days ago), and I've heard many nightmarish stories about its security, so I'd really love to patch everything I can before I start my own auditing.

On the other hand, I fully subscribe to .mario's concerns -- w/o code review no usage -- and looks like Symantec agrees about this beastie being not harmless, despite its good intentions.

Hence I decided to grab the snail by its tail and forced it to spit its 3 "little secrets".
Here you'll find the patches in a concise and readable form, and you can decide if manually applying them or not.

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