Ten Fucking Days Exif
Both Robert Hansen AKA RSnake and Jeremiah Grossman blogged about a certain business card.

Robert, who seemingly took the original photo on Aug the 3rd 2007 at 9:13:59 UTC with a Canon PowerShot SD400 (focal length 12.120mm, exposure time 1/8 sec), tried to appear nice and covered Mike Shaver's contact details with white rectangles.

So did Grossman when he uploaded a slightly modified version of the same picture.
But notwithstanding (?) his Brazilian Jujitsu, Jeremiah has been a nicer guy: not only he scrupulously self-censored his blog post masquerading the F... word, but also cared to clean up some EXIF metadata *.

Said metadata, in facts, included a naked thumbnail which certainly RSnake left there on purpose: to expose Mike Shaver's cell number making his life miserable with thousands of hate phone calls from savage hackers, and ultimately to prevent him from fixing Mozilla bugs and fulfilling his ten days promise.

I wonder if the evil genius behind the old Cat Schwartz's "Boobs Incident" is the same, (r)sneaky one... ;)

Finally, for those who want to appear and be nice,

*Stripping out EXIF/IPTC metadata from your pictures

An easy recipe to strip (potentially embarrassing) EXIF/IPTC metadata from JPEG pictures before publishing them on the internet:

  1. Download and install the free IrfanView tool, including its plugins pack (we're going to use the JPEG Losless Operations plugin).
  2. Open the image you want to clean in IrfanView, or select a bunch of them using IrfanView's Thumbnails View (by hitting "T" while in the main application window) for batch processing
  3. Once you selected the item(s) you want to process, open Options|JPEG Losless Operations (Shift+J)
  4. Select "Clean all APP Markers" and push the Start button

Done :)


Jeremiah didn't clean his picture either, I just didn't notice the image inlined with his blog post was just an incidentally washed up thumbnail, linking the original "revealing" image by RSnake, who in the meanwhile read my post and tried to cover his evildoing :P

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