In case you didn't notice, I've just installed the reCAPTCHA Wordpress plugin by the Carnegie Mellon University.
It uses an IFRAME as a fall back to provide its functionality when JavaScript is disabled, so if you happen to be a NoScript user and you're blocking both JS and IFRAMEs, you know what the placeholder inside the comments frame is about.

By the way, any comments? ;)

11 Responses to “ReCAPTCHA, any comments?”

  1. #1 nyl0n says:

    The noscript+iframe version is a bit cumbersome, you've got to copy their "code" from a textbox to another, but it's the price you've got to pay for the same domain policy I guess.
    All in all, looks like a good idea.

  2. #2 hmm says:

    I feel like I did my part for society just now. Although, I don't like the copy/paste, either.

  3. #3 Alan Baxter says:

    I was sick and tired of all the comment spam hackademix used to get. The RSS for Comments for wasn't as useful as I would have liked. I hope the captcha gets rid of the spam. Thank you for adding it.

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    @Alan Baxter:
    All comments are and were moderated.
    Do you mean you was getting spam comments in your feed, i.e. they were published in the feeds before being moderated?
    If so, it would be quite a Wordpress bug :-k

  5. #5 Alan Baxter says:

    I remembered all comments are moderated right after I submitted my mine. Of course! :)
    I realize now I was talking about comments you had apparently allowed. Not what I would call comments but merely links to your article made by other sites, e.g. . Apparently comment spam is something else :-k

  6. #6 jarujammer says:

    recaptcha does not come up when i use a proxy server . . . is there one that works with recaptcha or is there a way around it . . . ?

  7. #7 jarujammer says:

    ok . . . i am having trouble when using a proxy server . . . recaptcha images are not appearing, getting an error message that they don't recognize me . . . is there a proxy that works, or another program to guard my ip address that will get me through recaptcha sign ins . . .?

  8. #8 Giorgio says:

    ReCaptcha is working fine for me with Tor. If you're using a different proxy, you may want to try it.

  9. #9 Mike Riley says:

    I think comment moderation will always be the only effective way to prevent people from spamming a blog, as technology advances, so does technology advance to decieve it.

  10. #10 Peter | MixtheNet says:

    Google bought recaptcha several months ago, should be more reliable now and as far as I can see, most blogs and general sites use it.

  11. #11 John says:

    I totally agree with Mike that moderation is the only effective way to curb spam.

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