Archive for January 22nd, 2008

A NoScript user nicknamed hewee just wrote on the forum:

A couple weeks back I was on a site that had so much going on and that flash box was so small that I right clicked on the placeholder and clicked "Open Link in New Window". This has worked on almost all flash games and the best part is the game window size is bigger or full screen so you can see things so much better.

When, some months ago, I changed the behavior of plugin content placeholders to be more link-like, the main intentions were allowing other tools like FlashGot to transparently process the blocked content URL as a part of the document, and letting users right-click and choose "Save Link As...".

Looks like I missed the most obvious and funny side-effect: click this link, middle-click the Flash placeholder, left-click the placeholder filling the new tab... et voilà, full window game!

Users discovering unintended but nice usages for your creature is always exciting, in the true spirit of hacking :)
Thank you hewee!

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