After hearing me crying for help, my friend Sirdarckcat went hunting and entrapped a poltergeist which haunts IE only.

Is it this the one Manuel Caballero was talking about?
Or was that a different cross-browser evilness?

However, I ain't afraid of no ghosts :)

3 Responses to “Who You Gonna Call?”

  1. #1 Meoww... says:

    sirdarckcat failed...

    This bug is not about kindergarten trickery to read properties you are not supposed to...

  2. #2 Ronald van den Heetkamp says:

    For those without a good memory:

    Publicly known since 2006:

    First read about in 2005, in a GreyMagic advisory.

  3. #3 sirdarckcat says:

    This one succeeds on IE8 and newest version of IE7

    I am not reading properties dude xD I am changing iframes locations ;)

    I am not using nor document.write() on about:blank iframes.. this is diferent.


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