Archive for May 13th, 2008

Rhino VS BeanEven if I'm the NoScript guy, I write a lot of JavaScript all the day. As you probably know, even the JavaScript Annihilator is mostly written in JavaScript. Like Crock, I love the language, despite its current browser-bound shortcomings.

So far, my favourite editor for JS coding has been JEdit with its JavaScript plugin, providing syntax highlighting (of course!), on the fly syntax checking via Rhino and optional code completion with configurable scopes, including Mozilla "chrome window" and XPCOM.

But today I've watched a presentation of the new NetBeans 6.1 JavaScript capabilities, and I'm impressed.
Dynamic type guessing, browser-specific contextual help and DOM-aware AJAX library support (John, guess which they show in their demo?) may be really worth the switch.

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