Looks like I'm helping Obama's campaign in an unexpected way :)


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4 Responses to “NoScript vs McCain”

  1. #1 Na Zdorovaie says:

    Of the 3 candidates, which none are perfect, and I do not think any have been since "MAYBE" Lincoln, John McCain is THE ONE TO VOTE FOR!!

    1) He loves this country, and ALWAYS has, he could have had a desk job in the US Navy as his father was the Vice Admiral and had the total last word in the Pacific Theater during Nam. Instead he became a front line TOP GUN fighter/bomber jet jock on the USS Forestall ( he was the pilot whom jumped out of the jet that a bomb had shot into and exploded, disabling the aircraft carrier for the duration of the war, but somehow was hardly injured ), and instead of getting shore leave after the disaster, he asked to be transferred to the USS Oriskany from which he was shot down over Hanoi after a bombing run by 3 SAM's !! He then could have left to the USA once the NVA realized his father was the Vice Admiral of the Navy!! He was tortured there for almost his entire stay of 5+ years, and would only leave in the order of when captured, so he was finally released with the ALL the Hanoi Hilton POW's........That is an American !!!!!!

    2) Obama is just too young and already corrupted, Hillery will just keep things as they are currently, so BIG JOHN is our only hope to set in place a FAST and DIRECT attack on our enemy! He has seen what the outcome of pulling out of a "war" like Viet Nam does and DID to OUR country, so yes, we will fight, but kick butt and then get OUT!! Is that not what GW Bush tolds us was the plan all along?? I can not blame him as he is there because of his father and I look at it like George Sr.'s 3rd term!! Long live John McCain!!

    Research the life of John McCain if you have ANY doubt of what I have stated above..Na Zdorovaie

  2. #2 Alvin jefferson says:

    John McCain is a good man. He was a War Hero. He is to be admired. But that where its stops. He is an old man. I have nothing against old people, I am in that class also. McCain has lived beyond the age of promise according to scripture(three scores and ten = 70 years). Stress on the human body and mind take a toil. The question in how long can he last. Lets look at some of the evident. His mother, May God continue to bless her with longer live. She only carried him to birth and I reconize that it was a most important part of the process. The sperm came from the father. How old was he (the father) when he died. Regan and Ike left the white as old men who did not fare too well afterward. Look at the record. It would be like United States rolling the dices if John McCain is elected.

  3. #3 Giorgio says:

    @Alvin jefferson:
    Last week, during Bush's visit here in Italy, our usual Silvio Berlusconi (9/29/1936) said "I support McCain for president. I do it for an egoistic reason: if he wins, I won't be the older one at G8 meetings"
    Geriatrics is way more advanced now than when King James Version has been printed, but apparently senile dementia is still an endemic disease.

  4. #4 Michael says:

    Well maybe McCain doesn't understand the Web that well, but Obama has trouble understanding the US Constitution. As a state senator he obtained $100,000 in public funding to rebuild a church -- and a church with an extremist priest at that. These sleazy Chicago politicians help their buddies and to hell with our laws!

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