Archive for June 19th, 2008

Although all the source code of Firefox is public and can be scrutinized during development at any time, a Tipping Point Security Advisory has been announced right in the middle of the Firefox 3 download day.
A unlucky coincidence, of course: only a conspiracy theorist could suspect that the timing had been chosen in order to maximize the hype effect for the Zero Day Initiative.

However Mozilla developers are working around the clock, and there's already a patch being privately tested. All the information publicly available so far is that this vulnerability allows a malicious web page to trigger the execution of arbitrary code on the client side, and affects Firefox 2, 3 and likely all the products based on the same rendering engines. Technical details and exploitation proof of concepts are being kept private by Tipping Point as well until the patch is shipped, therefore Mozilla users should be relatively safe: after all we can be 99.99% sure every browser out there is vulnerable to something; we just hope that the bad guys don't know the details yet.

I can add that, even in this case, NoScript users are the safest.

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