You know, looks like the Firefox Summit 2008 is going to have a dramatic epilogue.
I've been sitting next to AdBlock Plus' author all this afternoon, attending a couple of security-related sessions, and now I'm getting dangerously hungry...
Want to save your favourite adblocker? Try to file a bug depending on this one.

5 Responses to “About to Eat Wladimir Palant”

  1. #1 frogsong says:

    I want to save my favourite noscripter! careful to the bears!

  2. #2 Peng’s links for Thursday, 31 July « I’m Just an Avatar says:

    [...] There’s been good natured jokes about whether summit attendees were going to have to resort to lifeboat team building events, but there is an alternate route, even if it does take eight hours [...]

  3. #3 Alan Baxter says:

    Go ahead and feast -- but only if you're prepared to take over ABP. Who else but Wladimir or you could do such a good job?

  4. #4 pirlouy says:

    Any photo of the 2 best extensions developers (before you fight if possible) ? :P

  5. #5 » Rasps vs Entrances: Whistler's Curse Not Dispelled Yet says:

    [...] About to Eat Wladimir Palant 03 08 2008 [...]

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