As you've probably heard, the Firefox Summit 2008, albeit great for meeting face to face people I only knew through IRC or Bugzilla, has been quite challenging:

  1. Besieged by bears
  2. Cut away from the rest of the world by a crash bug in the Whistler-Vancouver communication module
  3. Lost in the dark because of a truck-based DOS attack

We must all thank Dan Portillo for the (much) good of the Summit he masterly organized and the great job he made in working around the issues listed above, but on the other hand they might have been prevented perhaps by choosing a less hazardous place, since "Whistler" was the code-name for Microsoft Windows XP...

However, when yesterday night, after a 36 hours trip, I was finally back in Palermo believing it was all over, I went to get back my baggage -- including most of my t-shirts, 3 pants, 9 bottles of maple syrup for my relatives and friends -- but... it obviously wasn't there. OK, I should have expected some problems since I packed also one leg of Wladimir Palant's, which I had to smoke (on pure maple wood) the day of the power outage, before it started smelling inside my useless fridge.
After waiting about one hour because nobody in the airport could say if the unloading operations were done or not yet (what about implementing a callback architecture or a notification bus?), I had to formally claim it lost and was given a link to a website for tracking the baggage recovery process.

So this morning I tried submitting this form, but I got redirected to a page showing the following error message:

Il sistema non può indviduare* una lima valida per la vostra entrata.

For those who don't speak Italian (like the author this disturbing text, I hope), this sounds like

The system cannot find a rasp suitable for your entrance.

As you can imagine, I was quite glad the system couldn't ;)
Nonetheless, I still needed to know about the destiny of my baggage, so I retried on a clean profile: same result!
In the end I reluctantly switched the rendering engine through the IE Tab extension, and the system finally decided to be more collaborative: it reported there was no available tracking info yet, but at least it stopped threatening "my entrance" with steel tools.

At that point I checked all the browsers I've got at hand, with the following results:

  • Gecko-based: RASP
  • IE: OK
  • Linx: RASP
  • Opera: OK
  • Safari: RASP

Before you ask, yes I tried to fake my headers via the User Agent Switcher extension.
Any clue?

* this misspelling seems even to rule out a machine translation with no human intervention

12 Responses to “Rasps vs Entrances: Whistler's Curse Not Dispelled Yet”

  1. #1 haj says:

    Interesting. What happens at ?

  2. #2 flod says:

    I just want to state that this is not my fault (you should maybe blame mak77 and his curse...) :P

    This time my baggage arrived in Milan without problems (excluding the 40 minutes necessary to get baggages out of the airplane), maybe because both flights were KLM and Alitalia wasn't involved at all.

  3. #3 Giorgio says:


    The system cannot locate a valid file for your entry

    Happy to hear that. Time to relocate in Amsterdam, maybe...

  4. #4 Alan Baxter says:

    I packed also one leg of Wladimir Palant’s...

    Did he recant first?

  5. #5 Giorgio says:

    @Alan Baxter:
    I didn't ask him to, but he did it spontaneously as soon as I started spreading some butter on his right forearm...

  6. #6 Kadir Topal says:

    > Any clue?

    Sounds like it's checking for some object, like document.all and while Opera reports okay and IE really has that object, gecko says no.

    Just a guess.

  7. #7 Giorgio says:

    @Kadir Topal:
    Nope, the results are the same (both good and bad) if JavaScript is disabled.

  8. #8 Wladimir Palant says:

    This site is giving me the same error message in both Firefox and Internet Explorer - probably because I didn't have any valid data to enter. If it works differently for you, it is probably sensitive to the order of POST parameters, Firefox and Internet Explorer send them in different order.

    Oh, and I am really glad that without your glasses you couldn't distinguish a bear from me. Tell me what a smoked bear leg tastes like once you have you luggage back. Note that I don't condone any statements made by this bear - and of course I stand fully behind anything posted in my blog (because, as you know, my blog is the only and absolute truth).

  9. #9 Giorgio says:

    @"Wladimir Palant":
    How can we tell you're not a bear pretending to be him?
    I guess we can only wait for next AB+ release... If it gets out improved, I'm a total cannibal ;)

  10. #10 » Heart Touching Thingies says:

    [...] Rasps vs Entrances: Whistler’s Curse Not Dispelled Yet 09 08 2008 [...]

  11. #11 Lucas Malor says:

    Also Google Translator translate "File" as "lima"...
    "mettasi in contatto" is marvellous, ohibo'!

    I noticed you can send the form even if you have not compiled all fields (or no one) with Firefox. So there's a JS problem, even if non-related. Ehi Maone, do you still have your old tracking code to test?

  12. #12 boogiewoogie says:

    Hi, on the topic regarding chrome, LOOOOLLL!!

    It's soo filled with bugs, and do you really imagine old students would pay for beta tests no way!! therefor my friends we are the beta testers of course!! even though they are loaded with $$$$$$$ ! thanks for using google, install a beta from us and we will have the most beta users ever in any program in the world HURRAAAAY!!

    anyway, first time i installed it, it crashed..then I read it sends data directly to google at the time you type in the search field (before you even hit the enter button) NOW!! and they keep approx 2% of these searches (that you really didnt search for you just typed it) together with YOUR freaking IP address..

    So what more does google have in their pockets!?

    Appreciate firefox, thanks for noscripts too!


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