Planned final release date: Jan 28th 2009.

Also released this week:

20 Responses to “Maone 2.0rc1”

  1. #1 Archaeopteryx says:

    (Hope it's not a rebranded leak in your personal security suite.)

  2. #2 pirlouy says:

    It will undoubtedly outperform version 1. What's his/her codename ? :P

  3. #3 Ant Bryan says:

    heheh, well done!

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    Gender: M
    Codename: Ciccio

  5. #5 philippe says:


  6. #6 Alan Baxter says:

    Google translates Cicciuzzo to Lexie in English. Does that seem right? Thank you for sharing the exciting news!

  7. #7 Giorgio says:

    @Alan Baxter:
    It's more like "Frankie".
    "Ciccio" is a common familiar for "Francesco" in southern Italy, and the -uzzo suffix stands for "little" in the Sicilian dialect.
    Francesco was my dad's name.

  8. #8 Alan Baxter says:

    Interesting explanation, Giorgio. My family like to recycle names too.

  9. #9 Giorgio says:

    @Alan Baxter:
    eheh, unless you're an artist, a scientist or a mass-murderer, that's the only chance to immortality we've got ;)

  10. #10 fukami says:

    Congratulations Giorgio :)

  11. #11 LouCypher says:


  12. #12 RNiK says:

    Congratulazioni Giorgio!

    By the way, MY planned final release date is Oct 26 2008.

  13. #13 Giorgio says:

    congrats and good luck to you too :)

  14. #14 Nan M says:

    Best wishes to the Professor and family for a safe and happy development path.

    from your West Australian fans.

  15. #15 arimfe says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully the final release will go as planned.

  16. #16 randy says:

    Looking forward to 2.0, Georgio!

  17. #17 sirdarckcat says:

    oh my god, congratulations giorgio!! :D

  18. #18 Lightspeed Hardware says:

    congratulations giorgio! we are waiting the final release :)

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