Hurry, it's the best time to use FlashGot Media!
Adobe and movie providers might withdraw their generosity at any moment :)

2 Responses to “FlashGot Media, Now!!!”

  1. #1 Aerik says:

    Flashgot Media's attempts at grabbing the raw .flv files that flash players are rendering is pretty neat, but I've been having lots of trouble with it. Title attributes keep getting injected into the URL, and it doesn't get everything in the first place.

    Interestingly, Adblock Plus has been ahead of the game here (unintentionally) since the release of Firefox 3.0. Any time you're watching a flash video, just open the blockable items in adblock plus and search for "flv" or "subrequest" and voila! the .flv is directly listed. You'll get the file 99% of the time. More often than with flashgot media. It'll also grab any kind of stream source you can think of. I've grabbed .wmv's, .mp3's, .mp4's, you name it.

    You can download full songs from Songs that re being relayed via flash, but this vulnerability makes it like an open directory. You can build a gallery to steal every song from that server.

    Adblock Plus 0.7.5+ is the only extension I know of that can capture videos right now.

  2. #2 arimfe says:

    I'm not really concerned about this drm talk when it comes to my needs of grabbing silly youtube like videos. I'm more concerned if more obscure protocols like rtsp and rtmp is invented/used to prevent our grabbing.

    Hopefully FlashGot can deal with those if they become widespread. I think even adblock plus has problems with those.

    That capability in adblock plus was enabled since Firefox Before Firefox 3 we used "other" in place of "subrequest".

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