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History will tell that George W. Bush has been a great, very great President of the United States

Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister, Columbus Day 2008

George, please, in November take Silvio with you.
Many thanks.

14 Responses to “Sense of Ridiculous?”

  1. #1 Jonathan says:

    Haha ridiculous!

  2. #2 Vinícius K-Max says:

    Obama2008 :)

  3. #3 reed says:

    You mean January instead of November, right? We (Americans) elect a new dictator--er, leader--in November, but the new president doesn't take office until January 22nd. :)

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    Yeah GW, what reed said :)

  5. #5 somebody says:

    That s right reed... on the other hand it sometimes seems that GW feels like he s already out of office since a few month.

  6. #6 Fred says:

    What always surprised me, is that hardly any Italian you talk to says they voted for Berlusconi -- yet, he was elected twice now. Then again, the ones that did admit voting for him stated, "because he's such a successful businessman, maybe he'll be able to use that knowledge to the benefit of the Italian people". So maybe that's how a lot of people think.

  7. #7 Giorgio says:

    the problem is that, according to the many trials he underwent and and is still undergoing (pending the immunity law he hurried up to craft for himself at the beginning of this legislature), he's such a "successful businessman" just because he bribed politicians and judges to work-around anti-trust legislation and build a monopolistic media empire which later granted him consensus among the ignorant masses.
    Not to mention he never explained where he took his first millionaire funding when he started his early career as a constructor -- suggestion: later he employed a sicilian mafia boss and killer, Vittorio Mangano, as the stable keeper of his villa: a convicted murderer who used to dine with Berlusconi's family and take his children to school, and who's been called just some months ago "a hero" by hour ineffable prime minister.
    Now, if only people understood that most "successful businessmen" are so much successful exactly because they don't give a damn for the common good...

  8. #8 RNiK says:

    AH! AH! AH! Non ci contare Giorgio, tocca tenercelo per un pezzo!

    AH! AH! AH! Don't count on it Giorgio, we will have to keep him for a looong time!

  9. #9 Shoaib says:

    Same thing happened with John Howard - Australia. People used to say, we don't like him, still he was Prime Minister for 2 terms.

    Well, finally, he is gone now!!


  10. #10 Vagabond says:

    I have to agree no matter how Ridiculous it seems, Obama and Mcain both agree that they can not allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons, But undisclosed by the Media America does Not realize how close Iraq was to having Nuclear weapons, Fact:550 Tons of Weapons Grade Plutonium was dug up in Iraq's Desert. Fact: High Range Rockets without warheads were found and dug up in Iraq's Desert that could have delivered nuclear or dirty bomb payloads to Israel. Fact: Iraq killed 5 Nuclear Scientists before United States had a chance to question them on what Iraq was having them done.
    If USA would have waited to invade Iraq chances are they would have been able to finish putting these Nuclear Devices together and could have hit Israel with them. George Bush in his action avoided what could have been a much more catastrophic war No matter what social leftist might say. Bush was Right in his actions.

  11. #11 Giorgio says:

    Your so called "facts" are still fabricated news (blatant lies, in plain words) to justify just another illegal war, like the many terrorist operation led by US imperialism after WW2. "550 Tons of Weapons Grade Plutonium" were Industrial Grade Yellowcake legally detained and known to UN and IAEA. Regarding those "5 Iraqi nuclear scientist", did you hear of the 530 reportedly killed by Mossad and occupant army?
    Hey, I'm not saying little GW was not sincere when delivering his non-sense WMD speeches: he may very well have been just an idiot manipulated by Dad, Dick Cheney and their staff of greedy criminals.

  12. #12 Fred 2.0 says:

    How will G W Bush be remembered? It depends on how things work out in the Middle East. If Iraq becomes a robust functioning democracy that takes care of it's people, democracy may spread in the Middle East; The nascent "Clash of Civilizations" may be averted.

    On the other hand, it could be worse. I don't need to spell it out.

  13. #13 Nan M says:

    Gee, Fred 2.0, does this 'democracy' spread in the same way as all the bullsh*t offered by Berlusconi, Bush, Blair and all the other B's who so happily turned this new century in to an ethical dungheap?
    If it does, then even Zimbabwe will be a democracy next year.

    As far as I can see, there is no immanent clash of civilisations, only the same tired old dirty money looking for new places to make a mess.

  14. #14 viler says:

    world's slowly imploding... we cant do anything but watch the planet dies, because enemies are not many, but have all powers and weapons to prevail. no matter how much we can be smart, or how many informations we gather... they will always use and abuse us, forever. it a lost battle since centuries already. The only weapon we have on our side is the chance to extinguish the human race, not giving this pathethic life-form a future, avoiding the procreation... its sad but its the only way out of here :P

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