Sirdarckcat just pinged me with some more Clickjacking stuff, including his own related work:

Regarding protection, if you're a Firefox/NoScript user you should already know about ClearClick. If you're not, I feel a bit sorry for you.

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  1. #1 » Hello ClearClick, Goodbye Clickjacking! says:

    [...] NoScript 1.8.4 and above ship with ClearClick enabled on both untrusted and trusted sites. It works everywhere, even if you’ve got scripts globally allowed. And yes, at that point I had to change install button, therefore if you want a PoC you need to look elsewhere. [...]

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    [...] » More Clickjacking – view page – cached Giorgio Maone’s answers to the Web, the Universe, and Everything * Home * Why * Me, ma1 — From the page [...]

  3. #3 abdulmohsen Hafez says:

    i found no scripts too usefull

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