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You've done the right thing :)

8 Responses to “Thanks America!”

  1. #1 Confused says:

    You've done the thing?

  2. #2 Vinícius K-Max says:


  3. #3 LouCypher says:

    No "Temporary allow..."? :D

  4. #4 sirdarckcat says:

    heh http://www.patrickmoberg.com/november-4-2008.jpg

  5. #5 Alan Baxter says:

    You're welcome. I helped a little.

  6. #6 Nan M says:

    Not right? Not white? Not quite.
    Temporarily allow in Iraq.
    Leave as untrusted on other sites.

  7. #7 BlueRaja says:

    Pretty sure not all those people had white hair.

  8. #8 otter357 says:

    You're welcome! Many people worked very hard to put Obama over the top. I live in the southeast united states, very near Atlanta Georgia, in a region that is very Republican, but demographics will change that in 15 years. Identity politics is for chumps, but I am ethnically white (a Welshman ethnically, and I'm afraid i do look very much like Prince Charles, as my people come from his province, Glamorgan.)

    But we are mightily relieved. Mc Cain is a much better man than Bush, but he is a man of the 19th and 20th centuries, and we needed someone not a Republican, and not a 20th century man.
    We have high hopes for this new President. Everyone in my house helped, an old white lady, a middle aged white guy (me) and a past middle aged but not yet old black woman. I joust with the (very conservative and privately owned) local newspaper and write as otter357, as I had some trouble in the past using my real name.
    So hey, folks, please note that sometimes, we Americans can still do something right. I can't believe we really won! Right this minute there is an important race for one of our states two senate seats. Its important, because if the Democrats get 60 seats in our 100 seat senate, they can stop a delaying tactic known as a "filibuster" which can tie the senate up, and prevent new legislation from reaching the floor for votes. Its going to be very close between the Democrat Martin, and the Republican Chambliss. Were I to bet money, I think I would bet it on Chambliss, as in the past, Republican turnout has been more reliable. But new laws have expanded the voting period into some two weeks, where it was one day before. More of the poor vote in these situations. Also, Democrats are energized.

    I will be driving people to the polls, hoping to give Martin a victory, and Obama the 60 Democratic seats he could surely use. If we don't get it, its not a disaster, in fact there are some subtle reasons why it could be better if the Dems don't get 60. But Chambliss is a lousy senator, a handlicker to the republican combine, and Martin would be better.

    So...one more little election to go for me. Wish us luck as we try to turn America away from the crooked, self indulgent jingoistic robber baron families that have been running this place the last 22 years, really Clinton's first term was only a momentary departure, then his family became one of them. I mean, Bush SR, then Clinton, then Bush Jr, and we almost had Clinton's wife as the nest Prez. That would have been, what Bush Clinton Bush Clinton for 26 years? Poison to a republic.

    We may as well go back to having heredity determine who occupies the office, like kings and such. Wish us luck folks, and this American thanks you for your good wishes, and returns them. All the best to you.

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