SecTheory published a paper by Robert "RSnake" Hansen about Browser Power Consumption. Dan Goodin reports about it under the rather funny title Study spanks Adobe Flash for abuses of power (ehy Dan, why just Adobe? what about Microsoft and Sun?). PC World has an article as well, interviewing a Pacific Gas and Electric representative.

The green juice: you can reduce your PC's power consumption by 25% when you browse the web using Firefox with NoScript and AdBlock Plus. Quite obvious, since JavaScript, Flash, Java, Silverlight and active content in general are major CPU-drainers, compared to static pages. By allowing them just when and where they're needed, the way NoScript works, you do the equivalent of closing the tap when you're brushing your teeth or turn off the light when you exit a room.

Of course it's just a drop in the ocean, but I like to believe I'm helping Gaia a bit and enabling others to do the same :)


Commenter Arthur reminded me that, even if you didn't give a damn about environment health, as a mobile user you surely value your battery life and you've got yet another good reason for using NoScript. And did I mention you can use NoScript on the Fennec mobile browser now?

6 Responses to “Go Green with NoScript!”

  1. #1 Arthur says:

    Indeed, since using NoScript on my Laptop its battery life is actually what the producer promised instead of one third of it. (I've got probably 50 tabs open on average.)

  2. #2 Vladimir Dzhuvinov says:

    Yes, brother! :)

    But it looks like I can't even post this comment unless I switch Javascript on - ouch ;)

    "You are at this page because you loaded the JavaScript free version of reCAPTCHA, but it looks like you have JavaScript. We need to prevent this for security reasons. If you are testing out the JavaScript-free version, turn off JavaScript in your browser."

  3. #3 Giorgio says:

    you're right, I started with the intention of writing a line also about the advantages for mobile users, an ever growing population, who live on battery life, but then forgot about it ;)

    @Vladimir Dzhuvinov
    For ReCaptcha to work properly you need either to have and both allowed or both forbidden (there's a scriptless fallback). Having them with mixed permissions doesn't work, unluckily :(

  4. #4 rvdh says:

    Then go play Call of Duty IV for 5 minutes, and your back on your same consumption in no time.

    In the mean time use Opera since it use pipe-lining (multiple request on a SEQ without waiting for ACK's) whereas FF does not, saving even more wattage on both sides.


  5. #5 Giorgio says:

    Firefox since its first prototype, and the older Mozilla, and even Netscape 6.1, have been supporting HTTP pipelining for a long time, easily much longer than Opera: it's just disabled by default for compatibility reasons, because some servers break on it.

  6. #6 Sara A says:

    Sorry if I caused you some malice...

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