Fennec Alpha2 is out, breaking compatibility with NoScript up to because of a change in the Browser object hierarchy.
If you're using NoScript on Fennec (or you want to give it a try), please get the NoScript development build.
A stable AMO release should follow in one day or two.
upgrade to NoScript 1.8.8

2 Responses to “NoScript for Fennec Update”

  1. #1 Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Fennec Alpha2 - Performance says:

    [...] downside of the many changes we made, especially in the UI, will be extension breakage. Giorgio Maone, author of NoScript already discovered some breakage, but plans to have an updated version ready [...]

  2. #2 Mozilla Fennec Alpha 2 Release « Otaqui.Com says:

    [...] here is the inevitable swathe of add-ons and extensions that will be, and in some cases such as NoScript already are, [...]

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