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7 Facts

  1. I don't consider myself a bearded guy: I shave my face whenever I find 10 spare minutes to do it. That's once per month on average, therefore for most people I meet I am a bearded guy nonetheless.
  2. I received a fifteen years long salesian catholic education (7 years with nuns, while I was 4-10, and 8 years with priests, 11-18). I suspect this had a big part both in the depth/breadth of my scriptural/doctrinal knowledge, and in my ultimate (consequential?) militant atheism. Which prompts an interesting paradoxical question: what should I better do to raise my soon to be released child as a free thinker?
  3. My first computer was a Commodore 64... wait, you might know this one... OK, but you may not know that when I was 12 I wrote a trilogy of C64 school-themed video-games depicting my priest-teachers as flying horned devils. I sold them among my schoolmates with some good financial success (that was a so called "elite" school).
  4. My first web page, established on Geocities back in the past century and entirely built with Amiga technologies, was the Marxism-Leninism-Prodism-Gargarism home page. I lost my credentials, and even if I did try several times to make Yahoo pull it down I'm afraid it will persist as an indelible stain on my past. It was somehow prophetic about the dissolution of any serious left-wing in Italy, though...
  5. I met my wife, a teacher of Greek and Latin and a published author of school textbooks, when we both were 15, and we've been good friends albeit living in two different towns for more than ten years, meeting once every two years or so. Then I had to teach a short course in her town, staying there for a couple of weeks, and when I was about to leave I suddenly asked her to marry me. She just exploded in a loud laughter. But after less than of one month, she relocated to live with me. I punished her offensive initial reaction by making us "live as public sinners" for another ten years, until I decided it was time to perpetuate our genes :)
  6. Both my thumbs can bend backwards by 90 degrees (much like in Andrès Segovia's right hand).
  7. Since I was 18 I wear an hammer and sickle-shaped piercing on my left earlobe.

7 people I'd like to inflict the same agony

11 Responses to “7 F... acts”

  1. #1 Braden says:

    Thanks, Giorgio. Nice to know a little more about you.

  2. #2 Daniel Einspanjer says:

    Regarding #2:

    I'm in a similar boat. I was raised in a quaint little American sub-religion called "Independent Fundamental Southern Baptist" rather than Catholic, but the end result was similar. My daughter (3) hasn't started asking about God or such things yet, but I know it can't be far off.

    The only idea I have right now is to actually try to provide her with as many different reference points to different religions as I can, and to, most importantly, try to instill in her enough self confidence that she doesn't look to one as a crutch to help her feel "worthy". From there, if she sees something in a religion that she can't get in any other way, I'll likely just go along with it.

    Of course, that is just a plan. Who knows what will happen for real? :)

  3. #3 Gareth Heyes says:

    No way.

    I'm not participating in this chain letter crap

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    @Gareth Heyes:
    exactly my first reaction.
    Then I decided to retaliate against the innocent, since it's the way the world goes nowadays.

  5. #5 sirdarckcat says:

    oh wait, I have this:

    And also another one from the FSM, http://pastafari.desinformados.net/ but it's in spanish :S.. the translation is more or less:

    Someone has detected that you forward to many chains for fear to the menaces they predict. That's the reason he has contacted the venerable pastafarian monks guardians of the magnificent Flying Spaghetti Monster. Only you and a few other cursed were selected to receive this ancient pastafarian manuscript.

    With the reading of it, you are absolved of all curses received for the non-sending of chains that you could have done in the past, and could do in the future. The great god will ward for your health giving you lots of blessings every time you decide to break a chain. This blessing will endure for your whole life, and for generations and generations.

    So from now on, it wont be needed to forward chains, because the evilness inside them wont affect you anymore, And if you decide to fall in the temptation of forwarding an email, remember that the FSM is watching you at all times, and that betraying him would mean that a curse that no one in this world has suffer because of it's extreme cruelty, would fall on you.

    Remember, don't forward chains, the Spaghetti is watching you.


    So.. Im afraid of the FSM cursing me with his noodly appendage, what should I do!!

  6. #6 Giorgio says:

    There was no menace in this chain.
    However, wearing my hat of Venerable Archibishop of the glorious Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I officially bless your involvement and free you from any curse.

  7. #7 Victor Onrust says:

    You're not quite clear about what your present thoughts on Marx are. I like it if there are still some around.

  8. #8 Giorgio says:

    Here I define myself as a "marxian".
    I'm still convinced that Mr. Karl Marx produced the most valid and useful scientific analysis of human societies, and provided powerful tools to understand most our social reality, our past, our present and to plan our future.

  9. #9 Victor Onrust says:

    As a reaction to your statement on Marx I was (again) sad that there is so little follow up in the analytical sense primarily because of the huge and heavy ideological use of his thoughts labeled as "scientific". Then I realized that for about a year I have come across Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998), which I would count as a true follow-up, although not in the sense that he presents himself that way. I am only a beginner on this and it's not an easy read. Unfortunately what seems to be the simplest text is only in German: Einführung in die Systemtheorie. A nice informational site with downloadable learning software is German too. You could look at this but it is not very informative.

  10. #10 Ahmad says:

    Just discovered your blog Giorgio. I happen to be a (bearded) guy who's into religions and computer security! Though I'm not a commy nor an evolutionist (anymore at least), I respect commies for their stand on Palestine's side and being brave enough to do what the *** Arab leaders couldn't, like Chavez kicking the Israeli ambassador.

    Thanks for the info and keep up the good work ^^

  11. #11 paco says:

    Hammer and sickle? Interesting... isn't your left earlobe a little bleeding for the tens of millions killed (and being killed) under this banner?

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