Just googled for Vista TCP Limit on behalf of FlashGot user.
The first 500 results at least are all reported as malicious sites, including the top two, Softpedia and MSFN.
Luckily enough for P2P addicts, Firefox's Safe Browsing -- even if backed by Google's data -- doesn't seem to agree ;)

Update Sat Jan 31 2009 16:32:50 GMT+0100

Looks like it was a more general Google bug, fixed now.

4 Responses to “All These Sites May Harm Your Computer...?!”

  1. #1 Anon says:

    Same problem here, occurs intermittently. Problems with Google's badware database backend maybe.

  2. #2 Matti says:

    I had the same issue, googled for Photosoftware and every result was marked by the safebrowsing as dangerous.

  3. #3 Laurens Holst says:

    Yeah, noticed too. Luckily it was fixed within the hour. I bet someone’s going to get fired!

  4. #4 Computer Rental says:

    Funny thing is even the Google site could harm your computer. But Google acknowledge their mistake and reported that it was a human error.

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