As usual for very ambitious projects, more than one week later than the planned release date.
But definitely worth the waiting, as testified by this exclusive screenshot.
Francesco Libero Maone (click to enlarge)

32 Responses to “Maone 2.0 Released!”

  1. #1 Alan Baxter says:


  2. #2 Robert Accettura says:

    It's that a release candidate or a final build ;-)


  3. #3 Giorgio says:

    @Robert Accettura:
    Final and LTS, hopefully :P

  4. #4 Amad says:

    Congrats! The new and improved version with better features that will surpase the old, right? :P

  5. #5 Raul says:

    Final release, good job.

    Congratulations man!

  6. #6 Nan M says:

    Well done, that mother and father!
    He doesn't look overcooked at all :-)

    from your Western Australian fans.

  7. #7 Gareth Heyes says:

    Well done Giorgio!

  8. #8 steve says:

    nicely done georgio.

  9. #9 Human_B1-66ER says:

    Cheerful times :)

    I wish all the luck to the kid and their fathers, congrats :)

  10. #10 pirlouy says:

    I hope this new version will not bother with other plans (like ABE ?). héhé...

    If all is ok, then good. Congratulations. ;-)

  11. #11 Basti says:

    Looks perfect. Well done.

    eyes: landed
    hair: most landed
    teeth: on track
    making mother and father always happy: at risk ;)

    You should note that M$ can't produce such beauty. They never do something with love. It is never ready but pushed out as soon as possible. It never has hand or feet.

    Just to say it: I'm on windows.

  12. #12 Tommy says:

    Giorgio congrats! Busy running NoScript and FlashGot, and now wetware how do you find the time.

  13. #13 Basti says:

    Just for the case that my previous message didn't arrive the server. (I has some problems)


  14. #14 sirdarckcat says:

    Congratulations dude!!
    I'm so jelous, why everybody has a son/daughter but me!!

  15. #15 sonickydon says:

    Congratulations mate!

  16. #16 Goofy says:

    Congrats from the whole BabelZilla community for this lovable Maone family extension :-)

  17. #17 Joergen says:

    Congratulations to Giorgio and the mother of the child.

  18. #18 thornmaker says:

    i see the GUI has been upgraded... well done!

  19. #19 flod says:

    Nice name and great improvement over the previous version's design (2.0 looks much prettier) :P

  20. #20 YaY4baabeez says:

    I like the packaging this release comes in. Very stylish sweater.

  21. #21 RNiK says:

    Congratulazioni Giorgio! ;)

    Adesso cominicia il bello.

  22. #22 James says:

    Congrats! I hope you won't be too busy supporting Maone 2.0 to get any sleep. ;-)

  23. #23 therube says:

    Congratulations :-)

  24. #24 Tom T. says:

    What would be really inspiring would be to see some video of the developer producing this product, including the final release. It was no doubt better than the "Master Beta". :-)

    Congratulations! Congratulazioni! ¡Enhorabuena! Félicitations à l'occasion de la naissance de votre bébé! Congratulação! Glückwünsche! Без перевода! And last but not least, xin anh hãy nhận những lời chúc mừng của tôi!

  25. #25 alexa kim says:

    Congratulations! Mazel tov! Skoll! Salud!

  26. #26 Richard says:

    Congratulations! Welcom to ThereGoesYOURsleep2.0!

  27. #27 EzB says:

    Congratulazioniiiii Un grosso bacione per voi tre.. (una famiglia nuova)
    Speriamo di incontrarci presto.
    Ez & fam.

  28. #28 SneakyWho_am_i says:

    I do hope you continue to support and update the old version, I'm still using it and don't have the budget or the hardware for the new version.

  29. #29 Corrine says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations.

  30. #30 Jarek says:


    By the way you do realize that it is your replacement? Your version is being slowly retired...

    As with most new releases make sure you have plenty of patches handy and patience :-)

  31. #31 SanDiegoCA says:

    Thanks for making our world a bit better, in many ways.

  32. #32 Rob says:

    Congratulations! (We released v9.0 of our product over a year ago, to the continuing surprise of many. Unsure whether there will be a v10.0.)

    Thanks for what you do to improve our security whilst managing family life, too.

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