Archive for March 28th, 2009's reader "John Drinkwater" just informed me that the BBC News' "Click" TV magazine aired yesterday (March 27th 2009) had one whole minute dedicated to NoScript (from 20'30" to 21'30", already cut and embedded below).

The general mood does not sound defamatory, but the online audio quality is not gentle enough to my untrained Italian ears :P
Would any English native speaker (better if of pure British lineage) be so kind to contribute a transcription? Many thanks!!!
Long time noscripter therube, less lazy than me, found BBC's own official transcription:


Browser plug-ins like Java, Flash and Silverlight offer functionality, compatibility, and a load of other bells and whistles we have come to expect from our web browsing experience nowadays. But they have their downsides too.

You'll no doubt have heard talk about malicious code embedded in certain plug-ins, so if you want to be sure of being totally safe online, this nice little plug-in I found for Mozilla-based browsers should help you sleep better at night. It physically blocks any codes from running unless you give your express permission to do so.

It can also be handy if you're running on a slow connection and don't want loads of movies and animations trying to launch into the page you're accessing. Equally, many marketing organisations will run applets in the background that tell them when you're using their site, and how.

Download and install take literally seconds and then you'll see a noscript icon in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window. Each time you visit a new web page, if it tries to load any scripts the applet will block these and alert you. Clicking the noscript icon now will allow you to block or allow certain scripts on the page. Individual panels in the web page which are blocked can also be right clicked to allow you to set the permissions for that particular script.

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