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In the past few hours I've received many reports from users of the popular free avast! antivirus, who were abruptly prevented from using FlashGot because its FlashGot.exe component was mistakenly detected as "Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}", a generic identifier usually associated to false positives.

FlashGot.exe is digitally signed by InformAction Soc. Coop. and unchanged since some months ago, so if you installed it from AMO or from the FlashGot web site, which both serve downloads through secure connections, you can be sure it's not a virus.

If you're in this situation, first of all please report the file as a false positive to the avast! guys, pressuring them to adjust their flawed virus database.
Then, while you're waiting for their updated definitions, you can add an exception in order to keep FlashGot working:

  1. Right click on the avast! tray icon
  2. Select Program Settings
  3. Select Exclusions and push the "Add" button
  4. Type the following path mask:
  5. Push "OK"

Happy downloads!

Update 21:48 UTC

They fixed it, just update your avast! virus definitions.

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