In the past few hours I've received many reports from users of the popular free avast! antivirus, who were abruptly prevented from using FlashGot because its FlashGot.exe component was mistakenly detected as "Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}", a generic identifier usually associated to false positives.

FlashGot.exe is digitally signed by InformAction Soc. Coop. and unchanged since some months ago, so if you installed it from AMO or from the FlashGot web site, which both serve downloads through secure connections, you can be sure it's not a virus.

If you're in this situation, first of all please report the file as a false positive to the avast! guys, pressuring them to adjust their flawed virus database.
Then, while you're waiting for their updated definitions, you can add an exception in order to keep FlashGot working:

  1. Right click on the avast! tray icon
  2. Select Program Settings
  3. Select Exclusions and push the "Add" button
  4. Type the following path mask:
  5. Push "OK"

Happy downloads!

Update 21:48 UTC

They fixed it, just update your avast! virus definitions.

8 Responses to “avast! vs FlashGot”

  1. #1 Alan Baxter says:

    I ran across that too. Updating my virus definitions fixed the problem.

  2. #2 GµårÐïåñ says:

    Avast is one of the most notorious when it comes to false positives. I have always felt they were a bit too overzealous.

  3. #3 Tom T. says:

    I'm not a FG user. But I have one machine running avast and one running avira. Avast is 2.5 times as bulky, more intrusive, and has a more complicated UI. I'm switching the second one to avira.

  4. #4 Captain Canuck says:

    Remember kids, best antivirus is Linux.

  5. #5 Steven Hogden says:

    The bastards said I had that damn "trojun 32" on my computer. I switched anti virus apps. I use " Avia" now and it has been working fine !

  6. #6 Tushar Kapila says:

    do you have a tutorial on making a Firefox plug in? with nice starter code?

    love a shell that can be used to detect tags, send mouse clicks, etc something like has but open source, and is ok if its without the recorder or UI. just to edit script manually and play.

  7. #7 Ray Mears says:

    Have you ever considered that a false Positive is correctable and much more desirable than no warning at all??? get your heads out of the sand and Lighten up! I personally would rather have a dozen False positives thatn have just One real Virus Slip through!

    Have a great day and God Bless

  8. #8 Efestio says:

    Espero que este comentario llegue, porque no he sabido cómo introducir un nuevo tema.
    Desde que descargué este programa como complemento al Firefox, no puedo descargar de otro modo. Es más descargó, pasa el tiempo estimado, se supone que el archivo se ha descargado, pero cuando voy a abrirlo, me dice siempre que es un archivo erróneo, y no se puede abrir. Tengo que abrirlo que este programa, y no me da problemas..
    Creo que por muy bueno y fácil que sea un programa, no me puede limitar mi trabajo, y he de poder decirdir con qué quiero descargar. Pero no es el caso.
    Como no sé más de programación, ni de informática, que como simple usuario... Sirva esto como queja. QUiero poder desinstalar este complemento, y no sé cómo...
    Agradecería su ayuda


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