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P.S.: ironically, looks like in order to cast your ballot you need to Temporarily allow about.com first.

22 Responses to “Vote NoScript Best Security Add-On 2010”

  1. #1 Stefan Fleiter says:

    It's quite ironic that you can only vote for noscript if you add
    a (temporary) exception to allow javascript for about.com which reduces
    the security and privacy gained by using noscript.

  2. #2 Romi Suparman says:

    I can't seem to vote, do i have to register about.com account ?

  3. #3 Alan Baxter says:

    @Romi Suparman:
    You may have to Temporarily Allow about.com in NoScript.

  4. #4 Romi Suparman says:

    @Alan Baxter, that was my 1st move actually, just need to know it's already "clicked/counted" in the votes

    I saw WOT is way ahead of NoScript, would you mind tell us the difference (technically)

  5. #5 Giorgio says:

    @Romi Suparman:

    I saw WOT is way ahead of NoScript, would you mind tell us the difference (technically)

    When you visit a web site, WOT shows a color code (from green/good to red/bad) expressing a rating based on community feedback about vendor reliability, children safety, past malware infections and the like. It's very similar to SiteAdvisor by McAfee, but WOT ratings are from users while SiteAdvisor relies on professionals.

  6. #6 Romi Suparman says:

    Thank you for the quick response, these "user(s)" would be a benefit thou if each of them goes more advanced to technical logs/review on the choice(s) they made.

    I guess imma stick to my noscript, sorry no biggie.. but it's more customizable to me

    Keep up the great werx, Giorgio

    I'd luv to bring "this" to my mobile&chrome too if that isn't too demanding~

  7. #7 Romi Suparman says:

    Uprises the awareness to both of my beloved community at kaskus & indomp3z

    Good stuff are worth to be bragged on O_o

  8. #8 Captain Canuck says:

    lol @ WOT: heuristics != security

  9. #9 Yatti420 says:

    I am having a hard time deciding between WOT and NoScript.. How many times can we vote?

  10. #10 Giorgio says:

    Only once, I'm afraid.

  11. #11 Yatti420 says:

    Once per day?

  12. #12 Giorgio says:

    Once per IP/Cookie, I guess.

  13. #13 Facebook Poses Biggest Security Threat to Businesses – PC World | .:: MrCoi Blog ::. says:

    [...] hackademix.net » Vote NoScript Best Security Add-On 2010 [...]

  14. #14 GµårÐïåñ says:

    Done, good luck.

  15. #15 computerfreaker says:

    NoScript's winning by a mile - w00t!

    NoScript: 61% (774 votes)
    WOT: 24% (315 votes)
    LastPass Password Manager: 9% (126 votes)
    BetterPrivacy: 2% (36 votes)
    FoxyProxy: 0% (10 votes)

    How long does voting last?

  16. #16 Captain Canuck says:

    @ Giorgio: Its IP based.
    Time to proxy cycle

  17. #17 Dian says:

    Just voted NoScript, Good Luck!
    and allowed NoScript for this site
    to fill the comment :D

  18. #18 Basti says:

    Ironically WOT encouraged me to vote for it, but I voted for NoScript. Well NoScript protects me from bad (actually all) JavaScripts and XSS-Attacks and clickjacking. WOT gives an overview about a site's trustworthiness, what's a good thing, but doesn't help when someone breaks into the site or if user content is allowed. WOT and MCAfee Site Advisor can give you a false feeling of security. I dropped the Site Advisor and use WOT.

    WOT covers known problems. WOT for checking if an web-store is safe to buy from. To check if a download site is safe by default (it's not guaranteed that's always clean). To see if a distributor of software keeps what he promises. (e.g back-door free, really using AES and not a pseudo encryption.. etc) NoScript doesn't cover that, because it just can't.

    NoSript covers known and unknown problems. NoScript blocks JavaScript and plugins (Java, Flash etc) plus HTML5 audio/video, because it can be bad. It detects Clickjacking and prevents it. It blocks XSS-Attacks and enforces ABE. WOT can't do that, because it just can't.

    Both are useful for it's tasks, but for me NoScript deserves to be the winner.

    BTW.: The same poll asks for the best browser and Opera users seem to vote more then others do. BTW II: Does someone give something on such polls? BTW III: NoScript is the most recommended add-on everywhere.

  19. #19 noscripter says:

    Argggghhhhh I don't know what to decide. NoScript or LastPass. They've both treated me very well.

  20. #20 CS says:

    WTF? Is it just me or is NoScript not on the the list of finalists any more? Last time I checked it was, and it was winning by miles? Or have I missed something...

  21. #21 CS says:

    ... whoops. My bad (forgot to temporarily re-allow about.com).

  22. #22 Steven says:


    Thank you for devising this extension for firefox. I am running firefox version 3 on both windows xp and ubuntu 7.10 Linux. I tried to vote but the votes have closed. dont worry about "about.com" they are one of the good guys you can allow it as a trusted domain in noscript.


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