Time to revisit putting SSL in perspectives, since you can't even trust CAs themselves.

I took a cursory look at Perspectives add-on’s code, and it cries for a compatibility & performance rewrite (oh, if I could just find the time!), but it's still the best patch we can currently throw at this problem.

7 Responses to “Need Some Perspectives, Again”

  1. #1 Hans Wurst says:

    Seems like the Perspectives add-on is now pure JS, that's nice.

    I would love to help out on it, but neither do I have time on my hands until summer.

  2. #2 Faust says:

    How about setting up a notary server? It looks like they could use more of those. :)

  3. #3 Faust says:

    btw, you also might want to take a look at this:


  4. #4 Huns Warst says:

    @Faust: Thanks for the link!

  5. #5 Seth says:

    Would you prefer another direct-democracy model? (epic fail)

  6. #6 Faust says:

    A couple FF addons that address some of the limitations of Perspectives:



  7. #7 lither says:

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