I'm quite surprised (albeit happy) to see a capitalist corporation actually contributing to social progress, and with a politically bold move, rather than with the usual hairy tax-deductible alms.

But after all Mozilla itself is a foundation, but a corporation too, isn't it?

Interesting times we're living in...

4 Responses to “Thumbs Up, Google”

  1. #1 anonymous coward says:

    Very cool move Google.
    I can hear the whinging from inside the dense fog of privilege already.

  2. #2 Glen Kilpatrick says:

    See http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/feature/2010/4/ivermectin-and-river-blindness for another such; I'm now greatly impressed with Merck. Pharmaceutical corporations have a generally well-deserved "all the traffic will bear" bad reputation for profits over health; Merck is a stellar example to the contrary.

  3. #3 Havvy says:

    Every time you do a dealing with a capitalist organization you help yourself (or else you wouldn't be doing that deal, minus being coerced by something like a government or crook). You are a part of society. As such, everytime you deal with a capitalist organization you help society.

    And looking at this, it seems that Google is pointing out the unfair advantage that the tax law gives to married people. Still, it should attract for gays and lesbians to work at Google, which increases the total pool from which to choose talent from.

    Overall, it is a Win-Win situation for those who it affects, but only because there is a Win-Loss situation already created by government mismanagement of itself.

  4. #4 nassim says:

    I see things from a different corner,

    is google getting so strong or "connected" to cover for the US government's "shamefull" "want-to-but-can't" tax reduction ?

    is this gonna be a new trend in big corporations? pretty soon they will pay for other things. God have mercy

    by the way I am a homophobe, ok,

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