Changes are coming at an incredibly fast pace on Firefox trunk, and since NoScript is, among extensions, one of the most entangled with the browser's internals, you may expect its stable version to break fairly often.

That's what happened a couple months ago with some incompatible XPCOM registration changes, and what is happening this week with the new asynchronous redirection API.

In both cases, the breakage has been fixed in a very short time (few hours at most) by a NoScript development build. To be fair, the most recent issue required no more than 1 minute of coding (plus build and deployment times) to be fixed for the "average" client of the redirect API, e.g. Adblock Plus, but NoScript is also an implementation -- or vice-versa, depending on the point of view: the sense is that NoScript both uses and exposes this API, by mimicking fake HTTP redirects as part of its ABE and HTTPS enhancements inner workings, so the fix has been a bit more complex.

However, the bottom line is that if you're on a Minefield (Firefox development build) or a Firefox beta, you should really use a NoScript development build: they're updated automatically and very often through AMO's "Beta" channel, they don't display release notes on startup unless a new stable version has been released in the meanwhile, and they're the version used by me and my colleagues (plus lots of beta testers) for our daily browsing, thus it's guaranteed not to get broken by any showstopper bug for more than one hour at most.

Of course, if you find any bug yourself please report it in the forum ASAP, thanks.

One Response to “If You're on a Firefox Beta, Get a NoScript Beta”

  1. #1 Justin Dolske says:

    Kudos! It's fantastic to have addon developers tracking trunk developments and keeping things up to date, especially for a popular addon like NoScript. :)

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