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Irene Ipazia & Francesco Libero

Irene Ipazia & Francesco Libero

Collin Jackson just sent me this email about Browserscope, which I talked about in my previous post:

Hi Giorgio,

Just a quick note to let you know that we've released a new Browserscope security test for Content Security Policy and fixed some bugs in the other tests.

You might want to update the NoScript web site to reflect the new score for NoScript-enabled Firefox.

Keep up the great work on NoScript...

Collin Jackson

So, Firefox 4 + NoScript (with "Allow Scripts Globally"!) now leads with 15/17, the highest score, on a par with Chrome.
Overtaking waits for a cross-zone CSRF / DNS Rebinding (AKA "Router Hacking Protection") test, for instance :)

Bad Behavior has blocked 964 access attempts in the last 7 days.