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Latest NoScript (2.0.9) supports the Do Not Track tracking opt-out proposal, joining AdBlock Plus in this experiment.

From now on, a web browser with NoScript installed warns every HTTP server it contacts that its user does not want to be tracked, i.e. that his data must not be collected for profiling and persistent identification purposes. I believe this is a safe assumption about the feelings of most if not all NoScript users.

As stupid as it may sound (why parties who are interested in tracking you would comply?), a mean to clearly express your will of not being tracked is going to be useful, especially when backed by law or industry self-regulation, as explained here. Therefore it seems in the interest of NoScript users and privacy-concerned netizens in general to participate in this effort.

In its current release, NoScript allows the "Do Not Track" feature to be disabled or tweaked by opening about:config and editing the noscript.doNotTrack.* preferences:

  • noscript.doNotTrack.enabled (self explanatory)
  • noscript.doNotTrack.exceptions, space-separated URL patterns of destinations which are not sent the "Do Not Track" message
  • noscript.doNotTrack.forced, space-separated URL patterns of destinations which are sent the "Do Not Track" message even if they match exceptions

A GUI for these options, and possibly finer grained controls (e.g. to allow some or all the 3rd party trackers on certain websites only) will be added in future releases.


The header name has been changed in DNT, but the preferences to control it remain the same.

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