Also Firefox's native implementation of the Do Not Track proposal will end using the eponymous header, after all. It will be shrunk to DNT for bandwidth sake, though, without the "X-" and on its way to be submitted as an IETF internet draft.

Waiting for Firefox 4, NoScript has already adopted the new header name, after Jonathan Mayer politely asked me some hours ago.

7 Responses to “X-Do-Not-Track? DNT, c'est plus facile...”

  1. #1 Khalil Fazal says:

    DNR my browser si vous plaît.

  2. #2 Fran Michels says:

    I have no idea what this even is.

  3. #3 Fran Michels says:

    This is the second time.

  4. #4 T_K says:

    @Fran Michaels:
    See that RED TEXT that says "Do Not Track" in the verbiage above? You might try clicking it...

  5. #5 michael smith says:

    This morning, 3/10/11, After this latest update, which i just happened to read about the dnt feature, I am noticing one site not loading. That Amazon. When you scroll down on the page and get to a picture, apparently that is the trigger to load something else. I don't know if dnt is causing that. I guess if this turns out to be a big problem I can go back to an earlier version. Ha, probably not. Comments? Here is the page address:

    When you get to the picture of the guy about a page down another page tries to load and fails. Mickey

  6. #6 Giorgio says:

    @michael smith:
    You can check by downgrading from

  7. #7 Anthony B says:

    As a user I approve of including DNT by default in NoScript.

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