NSA endorses NoScript
Some weeks ago I read on Forbes' technology blog that

Access Now, a non-profit that’s focused on digital civil liberties in the Middle East, has published a concise guide to staying safe online, aimed at “citizens in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.”
Aside from the usual advice about running antivirus, using strong passwords, and staying wary of USB drives, it delves into a few less obvious practices:

  • Run the NoScript plug-in for Firefox, which can block scripts on Web pages that you don’t authorize.

I don't know if this puts me in any middle-eastern dictator's blacklist, but it seems "internet security guides" with various political spins are flourishing, and they obviously share most of their endorsements, no matter the ideology.

USA's National Security Agency (NSA) is doing its part as well, as I found out yesterday: look at page 7 (“Enhanced Protection Recommendations”) of this Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure PDF...

Amazing coincidence, just a few hours earlier my own NSA project had exited "stealth mode" to official become NoScript 3.0a1 for Firefox Mobile.
Adventurous Android Alpha (AAA) testers are welcome :)

2 Responses to “NSA and Middle East Rebels Agree”

  1. #1 milithruldur says:

    This is only but some of the many instances which proves that "the best thing that has ever happened in a browser (in terms of control, security, and privacy) has been the conception and implementation of NoScript."* To think all of this were achieved by a mere browser extension brings undeniable importance to browsers supporting extended functionality with add-ons, and equal importance to making use of the same.

    I wish other browsers (Opera, Chrome) could follow suit and start adding support for NoScript. Great work Giorgio. In my book you are there among the heroes of technology and great inventors like Edison and Watts.

    * my personal quote by the way :)

  2. #2 Ghost of Usama bin Laden says:

    Ha! So that's how they found me! Javascript running in my browser! If only I had implemented NoScript from Western imperialist Sicilian Satan....

    Seriously, is endorsement by US NSA a positive, or will the conspiricists take it as proof that NSA has a back door into NoScript? :-D

    And am I the only one to notice the strange (for en-US) spelling: "... effective technique to reduce web BOURNE (sic) attacks"? "web-borne" is correct en-US; "Bourne" was a covert operative in the Robert Ludlum series of spy thrillers. Coincidence? I think not. :)

    (Cheers - Tom T.)

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