Annoyed to death by unicode dickery like this?
Just drag AntiGareth on your bookmark bar and click it whenever nasty characters try to spoil your day :P

Note: I do know this bookmarklet currently replaces too much (everything higher than \u0100), and therefore is suitable only if your stream is entirely US English. I’ve got an idea for an automated HTML5-based method to detect misrendered code points and deliver selective killing, so stay tuned.


version 2, which replaces “overbleeding” characters only, can be found here, together with the scanner I created to find them.

2 Responses to “AntiGareth (Deunicodeized Twitter Bookmarlet)”

  1. #1 John Drinkwater says:

    Giorgio hates Zalgo? aww

  2. #2 Nicolai says:

    Very nice made!
    Now, implement this in NoScript, so I can get rid of all this "s͍̹͍̭̙p̭̖̼a͕͖̫̯̮͚̖͔m̪̬̼ͅ" :P

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