Answering yesterday’s <Glazblog/> post: here’s your WYSIWYP (What You See Is What You Print) bookmarklet, to be dragged onto your bookmarks bar and used as an alternate Print button which strips away all the printer-specific styles and restores them after printing.

Tried on Firefox only, it’s likely buggy as hell: the W3C FAQ page comes out fine and dandy, complete with its logo and all, but the ERCIM page looks remarkably ugly. Anyway I’m confident my audience can amend and give back :)

5 Responses to “WYSIWYP (Re: Printing a Web Page)”

  1. #1 BlueMM says:

    Fantastic. Is there a way to modify it so it brings up Print Preview instead on Print, before it pops the style sheets back? Then you can see how it will look on the printed page, & can adjust zoom, margins, background images etc.
    I tried it on the W3C FAQ page, I would of expected the 2 sidebars to be visible with WYSIWYP. Also parts of the header & footer seem missing.

  2. #2 Daniel Glazman says:

    I was myself working on an add-on with a different code, it's almost done and works beautifully.

    On a side note: borderless black text areas on a dark background with a super-small font on this blog are also not editable. Tweak a little bit the styles ?

  3. #3 arno says:

    To print "as seen on page", I think it's possible to create a small extension that would: attach a collapsed frame to the document, create a canvas in it, use canvas.drawWindow, print the frame and detach the frame.

    I once came up with a solution like that, and it worked perfectly fine. This was the only way I could find to print the flash content of a web page.

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    The canvas.drawWindow() approach is exactly the route I'd get if I had the time and the motivation to write a Firefox extension for this :)

  5. #5 BlueMM says:

    Discovered that the Print Edit add-on ( has a web style button, so you can print preview a webpage, enter Print Edit, click on "Web Style" & return to print preview.
    The ERCIM page comes out really well. The W3C page isn't bad, but is different to the web page (missing sidebar, some style/layout changes).

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