No kidding, this is what I’ve been shown this afternoon by Unicredit’s payment processor when I was trying to make a payment with my own credit card (which, incidentally, is itself fed by a Unicredit bank account) on behalf of my sister:

Unicredit's captcha to demonstrate you're human before paying with your credit card

2 Responses to “So Unicredit, Doesn't My Visa Make Me Human Enough?!”

  1. #1 AnonymousCoward says:

    How entertaining!

    But be fair now Giorgio... it'd be against the Universal Accords Governing the Fair Use and Bleeding Dry of Actual Persons, to which all large banks are signatories, to allow robots to make deposits.

  2. #2 Thomas says:

    Umm first of all on your latest post I think you missed a space between at "nvtn 5d5" versus "nvtn5ds" as for the main reason I came to your page I was looking for your email so I could ask you why the "Left-Click, Delete" of NoScript doesn't work for me on anything but your logo on your website at

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