This is a real exchange from NoScript “User Reviews” section at AMO, copied here as a memento and a caveat (for NoScript potential “customers”? for free software developers?), since some or all of it may be edited by its authors or deleted by those nasty AMO editors in a near future.

  1. Deception and rude treatment of users

    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    by JamesOnTheWay on May 12, 2014

    My negative review was deleted; therefore, I no longer have confidence in NoScript or its developer. I was not looking for a bug fix. I was warning potential users away, which is permitted in the review guidelines. I will report this to Mozilla and blog about this treatment. Deleting negative reviews is pure deception!

    NoScript was slowing my Firefox and freezing it, and the worst was in GMail. It became non-functional every time a NoScript update was released, which was often daily. FanMaderWeb reported this same issue on April 9, 2014 and his/her 1-star review was not removed. I removed NoScript, which solved all of those problems. I have since discovered that I had unknowingly been switched to beta versions. Whether this was the cause of all those issues, I will never know; because my review was rudely deleted, as I expect this one will be.

    (no title)

    by FanMaderWeb on April 9, 2014

    Sehr schlecht. Ständig muss das AddOn eingestellt werden bei Seiten, die nur JavaScript oder ähnliches benutzen. Man kann noch nichtmal sein E-Mail-Postfach damit abgreifen!

  2. Non-reproducible (yet) bug report

    by Giorgio Maone (Developer) on May 12, 2014

    Review guidelines don’t allow bug reports because they cannot be discussed and followed up here, since this is not a tracker / forum. Since you’re the only one (at this moment) reporting this issue (out of millions of users), it is likely related to your specific configuration and worth investigating, but you choose to scare other users away instead, which is not a very constructive approach (it doesn’t help other users in your situation, nor the product to improve). This is anyway still a “misplaced bug report”, no matter if you were looking for a fix or not. That’s why yes, this review will likely be deleted again. Notice that I cannot delete any review by myself: this decision is up to AMO’s editorial staff. You can still go ahead and “report this to Mozilla and blog about this treatment” if it makes you feel better, but sharing more details at would be the right thing to do for everyone’s benefit.

  3. No Free Professional Services

    Rated 3 out of 5 stars
    by JamesOnTheWay on May 12, 2014

    Maone, I am a retired computer professional. My training began with machine language in 1972. I do not debug other people’s work for free. I was taught to never release a buggy product and that customers are only kept with good customer service. Belittling customers drives us away.

  4. Refund

    by Giorgio Maone (Developer) on May 12, 2014

    Dear “customer”, you’ve got a point. I’ll be happy to fully refund the price of the buggy software you paid for. Then I’ll go back in my cubicle trying to blindly reproduce the problem you (alone, so far) have experienced, but whose details you rightfully refuse to reveal unless paid for this service. Thank you for your business!

6 Responses to “No Free Professional Service”

  1. #1 sirdarckcat says:

    Shame on you Giorgio! For aiming for anything less than divine perfection and a ZERO BUG tolerance. Software should be bug free like the good old days.

    Everyone should now call their congressman in the Mozilla Senate and DEMAND a change in legislation to protect free speech and consumer RIGHTS.


  2. #2 AnonymousCoward says:

    Unfair to interested readers for you to post such a tantalizing report of a malware infection.
    How many ports is the "bugged" user's Fx opening at Update Time now?

    I feel sorry for the poor old chap.

  3. #3 Thrawn says:

    As compensation for the unfortunate "belittling" that James has experienced, I would like to offer him a year of my salary as a forum moderator.

    Oh - it looks like his second review was indeed deleted. I'd better make that two years.

  4. #4 C says:

    To JamesOnTheWay on May 12, 2014
    I do not know you people. At least you could give more specific Info.
    What version Firefox you were using and what version NoScript, on
    what OS , etc...
    How to hell some one can help you this way..
    Also consider , that Firefox has gotten more F....d up after the version 20. Also Google is messing with Firefox.What do you think , how much additional work this creates to deveopers, that bring something out for people!
    Also in my opinion,all this security hipe on updating your Firefox like , I do not know, what , every 6 weeks there is new one out? Come on this is retarded.Just my opinion, update yours every day if it pleases you people.
    Any way I am almost done, just wanted to say, that I am using older version Firef..k with NoScript on it and I have never experienced any freaking slowing down problems and never have had any Issues.
    Some times some email issue here and there. Especially on Greedy
    German GMX , but that is not NoScript fold I would point the finger at
    in my case Gmx. But nothing really major to be about.
    Yes maybe my Firef is not the fastest and does not surf in nanosecond speed, but to me it is just good enough.
    All right, while I am at it;I am considering departing at some point from Ff towards smaller search
    engines. FireF is eating way to much ram. Other than that , I wish NoScript would be available on midori.
    Peace to you people , have lots of fun, with the Greed of big companies, while surfing on the Net.

    (After I have written my comment, now I have to type in some letters to prove, that I am human. Oh man...Hay my email is not for 3rd parties)


  5. #5 lollo says:

    Someone is wrong on the net, gotta say something...

    "I am a retired computer professional." -> Me I'm a godslayer, so what?

    "I was taught to never release a buggy product" -> yeah, that's why most SW has bugs, pricy SW has bugs too, and support is a joke nowadays, since big companies just don't care. The very OS most ppl are using is buggy, and older version were buggy and those bugs never got fixed. And it's SW you pay for. Bug free SW is so rare it pains me.

    "I do not debug other people’s work for free" -> lol, and you still dare to use noscript, a free SW? And demanding stuff too? Rather contradictory... we got a clown!

  6. #6 AlphaCentauri says:

    That's why he's a retired computer professional. He never released anything ;)

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