If NoScript keeps disappearing from your Firefox, Avast! Antivirus is likely the culprit.
It's gone Berserk and mass-deleting add-ons without a warning.
I'm currently receiving tons of reports by confused and angry users.
If the antivirus is dead (as I've been preaching for 7 years), looks like it's not dead enough, yet.

4 Responses to “Avast, you're kidd... killing me - said NoScript >:(”

  1. #1 AnonCoward says:

    The only way the failing AV model could continue to claim any real-time relevance (as opposed to what is possibly its only useful function of tidying up already compromised systems - including zapping the usual old email suspects) is if it intrudes materially into browser function.
    So this event is the accident that was looking for somewhere to happen.
    Shame it had to be Fx.
    But then it's likely it's happened with other browsers already, only not in a community that would actually notice runtime tinkering as well as the Fx community can.

  2. #2 Thrawn says:

    Well, personally I recommend using Linux-based operating systems and NoScript, rather than antivirus. But it's also possible to use whitelist-based protections (instead of blacklists and heuristics); probably they would be effective.

  3. #3 Paul Ward says:

    Hi I have no problems with avast stopping your flash got addon for firefox.

    [sorry if not the right place to post the next part]

    Also you should add something like RTMP Dump Helper to download videos that are not downloadable I have found with it that it dose not give proper names ie. number letter combo with out the name in it. It would help everyone start downloading movies I use RTMP Dump Helper when your addon can't get it but the software needs work do to sometimes not given sound.

  4. #4 Thrawn says:

    Link to the 2008 post is broken; it should start with a single slash, not double.

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