I'm glad to announce noscript.net, flashgot.net and hackademix.net have been finally switched to full, permanent TLS with HSTS

Please do expect a smörgåsbord of bugs and bunny funny stuff :)

3 Responses to “s/http(:\/\/(?:noscript|flashgot|hackademix)\.net)/https\1/”

  1. #1 AnonCoward says:

    How generous of you to lead the way!
    Another donation coming at you.

  2. #2 adcvbc says:

    yay, TLS everything!

  3. #3 Thrawn says:

    @adcvbc You mean "TLS all the things" ;)

    Giorgio, I've noticed that the folks at Imperva allow SSL3, but only with RC4 ciphers, so they avoid POODLE and BEAST, but don't lose IE6 and co. Since those poor souls are the ones most in need of the enlightenment of your websites, is it feasible to do similarly?

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