It just occurred to me that Google did not know about tweets at the time I wrote this one:

So you want to donate in #bitcoin to help NoScript's development? Now you can, Address edited

Since I routinely receive inquiries from potential bitcoin donors, I hope this post to be easier to find.

Update: Added to NoScript's FAQ :)

2 Responses to “NoScript Does Accept Bitcoin Donations”

  1. #1 DaveH says:

    Bitcoin is continuing to build a foothold and gain ground. Surely it's just a matter of time before Governments start to take notice and indeed action against an untaxable currency?

  2. #2 Daniel says:

    Hi, i wish to know if you have any script to allow me to no write all time anymore CAPTCHA :(
    Cuz i play a game and for any think i need to rewrite captcha

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