I apologize for not providing a constant information feed about NoScript 10's impending release, but I've got no press office or social media staff working for me: when I say "we" about NoScript, I mean the great community of volunteers helping with user support (and especially the wonderful moderators of the NoScript forum).NoScript 10 object placeholder

By the way, as most but not all users know, there's no "NoScript development team" either: I'm the only developer, and yesterday I also had to temporarily suspend my NoScript 10 final rush, being forced to release two emergency 5.x versions (5.1.6 and 5.1.7) to cope with Firefox 58 compatibility breakages (yes, in case you didn't notice, "Classic" NoScript 5 still works on Firefox 58 Developer Edition with some tricks, even though Firefox 52 ESR is still the best "no surprises" option).

Anyway, here's my update: the week, at least in Italy, finishes on Sunday night, there's no "disaster recovery" going on, and NoScript 10's delay on Firefox 57's release is still going to be measured in days, not weeks.

Back to work now, and thank you again for your patience and support :)

174 Responses to “The Week is Not Over Yet”

  1. #1 mark1971 says:

    Great. Thanks for the update and all your hard work.

  2. #2 Rykum says:

    I can wait what's needed until the update is ready, so far I'm ok with an alternative (not my personal best) but anything is worth to see this coming.

  3. #3 Simp says:

    You don't have to excuse yourself, it's no problem. The release of Firefox 57 took us all by surprise.

  4. #4 ethorn says:

    Good to know... I updated firefox today without knowing noscript was disabled and I feel like I can't even use the internet except for a few sites for fear of the nasty scripts :(...

  5. #5 Manolito Monocejas de Monte Ambrosio says:

    Oye chaval toma mi onda vital para que te ayude y no te canfef tio! Faludof defde Efpaña oleee, te habeíf quedao flipando tio a que fi... (La "$" no me funciona... ni en el mundo real, puta vida tete).

  6. #6 Manuel Canarias says:

    Grazie per il tuo lavoro!! Sei grande Giorgio !! Dovrebbero farti un monumento davanti a casa tua!!! di nuovo molte grazie, salutti da Canarias (España).

    PD: scusa per il mio italiano :(

  7. #7 Paul says:

    Opps, I unwittingly accepted a security update from Ubuntu which put me onto Firefox 57. On the other hand, lack of noscript is causing me to take a break this weekend from the usual looking at social networking sites, which is actually kinda nice. :)

  8. #8 sflori says:

    “The Week is Not Over Yet”. Great slogan! :-)

    Keep up the good work.

    Many greetings from Germany to Italy!

  9. #9 Jens says:

    Great stuff, mille grazie!

  10. #10 BOB says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! We truly appreciate it

  11. #11 Max says:

    Simp I disagree I moved to web extensions way before Firefox 57 to be ready xD

  12. #12 Michael57 says:

    Thanks to your hard work I feel a bit more secure for many years now.
    Thanks to your continued work, I will miss this security for only a few days now. It is not your fault, but I am checking daily now. I miss your addon.

    Mille Grazie! Keep up the good work!

  13. #13 Niko says:

    As others I felt totally "naked" after FF57 update. I suddenly realized how much NoScript was usefull.
    I sent you a few bucks earlier today to thank you for your great work and efforts, and I hope a lot of users of NS will do the same as you really deserve it.

    Cheers from Paris France

    For those who wants to contribute ---> https://www.paypal.me/NoScript

  14. #14 Carlos DC says:

    Very cool what you do. Thank you Giorgio.

  15. #15 slay_mithos says:

    It's only been 2 days without NoScript, and it really reinforced the idea that it's a critical must-have (even though it's sometimes easy to break a site by forgetting to allow a specific source and spend hours trying to figure out why things are not working as they should with dev tools).

    Thanks a lot for all the past, and hopefully future, updates.

  16. #16 jobs jobs says:

    noscript is a huge asset however the incredibly idiotic decision from firefox to auto-update to a version that does not support it, and leave hundreds of thousands of customers unprotected in the process, convinced me and a lot of my friends to switch to chrome.

  17. #17 Hays says:

    Dont worry, it´s done when it's done.

    This addon ist great!

    Grazie per il tuo fantastico lavoro.

  18. #18 Rain says:

    Really jobs jobs from above, you're concerned that NoScript is not on FF57 and than you go and install Chrome, which in-itself is basically spyware. Great going.

    Great work Girogio, can't wait to see the new version.

  19. #19 M says:

    Thanks for your work Giorgio, and take the time you need for version 10.

  20. #20 Bork says:

    Fiefox ESR 52.5.0+NoScript is up and running, can finally use Internet again.

  21. #21 Moini says:

    Thank you for your hard work!

    With an openly accessible repository, you might not have the need to do all the work alone, and time-sensitive issues could be distributed on multiple shoulders, as well as other work could be shared.

    What is the reason for there being no public repo as is standard for open source software?

  22. #22 brn says:

    I think Giorgio does have a public repo in mind - see Giorgio's update : https://hackademix.net/2017/11/14/double-noscript/

    " * in the next few weeks will move NoScript 10.x source code and bug tracking on GitHub, in the meanwhile please keep using the forum".

    Please correct me Giorgio if I've got the wrong impression.

    I feel that Firefox is not safe to use without NoScript. It is well noted that NoScript is an integral part of the Tor Browser.

    I think Mozilla needs to re-assess their rigid approach to the Firefox roll-out schedule.

  23. #23 brn says:

    I think Giorgio does have a public repo in mind - see Giorgio's update : https://hackademix.net/2017/11/14/double-noscript/

    " * in the next few weeks will move NoScript 10.x source code and bug tracking on GitHub, in the meanwhile please keep using the forum".

    Please correct me Giorgio if I've got the wrong impression.

  24. #24 emcameron says:

    Appreciate the updates. Pending release, I'm soldiering on with the new firefox, and seeing for the first time in a long time just how much work noscript does. Makes me appreciate it all the more. Also, I didn't realise until now that noscript was a one-man operation, which, again makes me even more appreciative.

    Thank you for your haed work in improving my internet experience, and thanks in advance for NoScript 10 which will, I'm sure, make the new firefox more bearable.

  25. #25 FrancisT says:

    Ganbatte! as they say in Japan.

    As emcameron says, this makes me really appreciate what you do

  26. #26 Andy says:

    You wouldn't believe that I wikipedia'd "week" at one point to see if we all had different week timeframes. North American starts Sunday. Europe starts Monday.

    My personal definition is that a week ends when I leave work on Friday and I'm laying on my couch.

    I've literally had sundials and sextants trying to track the sun and stars hoping the week will end.

  27. #27 Andy says:

    @Moini #20- see the post from earlier this week. He mentioned at the very bottom that they will be publishing NoScript 10 to github within the next few weeks. The current practice was that the code was available within the extension itself. Once it's on github it should make for a more modern accepted version control system where you can evaulate changes on a web frontend.

  28. #28 Fos says:

    Thank you for all your efforts.

  29. #29 Bdog says:

    I am excited to use it. I saved my setting just in case. I noticed all the improvements over the past few years. Especially in increase ability and ease of the software to facilitate the needed modifications on Noscript to adjust for the constant changes from websites and attackers. It makes is possible to counter the intrusion. I am glad I stuck around.

  30. #30 ExtremelyHigh says:

    NoScript is the bee's knees. I can imagine the amount of work a re-write. Take your time, craft perfection, and we'll be here waiting eagerly with open arms. By the way, that person that said he's moving to Chrome is a fool since Giorgio only build NS for Mozilla-based browsers.

  31. #31 narration sd says:

    Giorgio, molto grazie for all your effort on keeping the web safe. It is really very much appreciated.

    Please feel relaxed, and with enough time for those chlldren :)

    When it is ready to be ready, we will use it.

    Kind regards

  32. #32 A Guy says:

    Hey man, I just wanted to say thanks very much for doing this. Take your time and make it good! =)

  33. #33 Merv says:

    Thank you very much for doing this. I'm happy to wait. The guy who switched to Chrome above, now that made me laugh out loud! All good things come to those who wait. All you need is patience. Regards.

  34. #34 nobody says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  35. #35 Yovan says:

    Thanks for updating all users on the update. Will be looking forward to your 1st release of web extension of noscript. Kudos to you Giorgio the sole developer of noscript.

  36. #36 Kat says:

    Thank you SO much for all your hard work! Don't feel the need to rush. ^_^

  37. #37 liquid says:

    Like so many, thanks for all your efforts. Have been using this since ...it was very first available. Had always wanted a way to selectively do EXACTLY what this software does, and have loved seeing it progress since the very earliest days.

    Have only ever posted on forums maybe one other time, for some random thing to contribute / report, and of course, to thank.

    Keep up the great work, and we'll all see you on the flipside of this change.

    Really a shame that Mozilla couldn't get you what you needed earlier. I'm sure it was a struggle in some areas, but hopefully the future is still bright for great additions to the software, such as your work.

    Trying 57 on a couple machines, but will likely stick with 52 ESR until things are confirmed 100% good.

  38. #38 hetzjagd says:

    Thanks for the update and thanks for your efforts. The community appreciates it and I personally will remain patient.

  39. #39 Kerggan says:

    Hello there,

    thanks for your work. After updating Firefox I ran into lots of trouble until I realized there was no NoScript anymore. The Internet is a scary place without and I really hope you (and your helpers) will do it fast since I really rely on it.

    That said, I also know there is most proberly some life beside the NoScript Project. And I do understand it needs some time to be done right. My opinion is: Better take your time and do it right than hurry and fail...

    For now I will get a older portable version so I can travel the internet savely... and will return to my faster Fox when your done.

    Once again... thanks for your time and work, it's really appreciated!

  40. #40 AK says:

    Keep up the good work.
    Fellow devs from Greece are with you.
    Thank you for all your hard working.

    Firefox feels completely naked without your project...

  41. #41 barn says:

    I use temporary Firefox v55 in portable version seem work ok

    And thanks for the work! BTW! Me too I just make Contribution. ;) Thumb Up!

  42. #42 benzo says:

    Thanks to ppl as you who help communauty to be free. I hope final version will be release soon.

  43. #43 Sum Gai says:

    just two days off the update for me, and already firefox has managed to memory sink my computer into freezing. not sure if this is just from firefox, or from the mass of invasive scripts from virtually every website designed to track you that lead to it. I'm guessing the latter. :P

  44. #44 walker says:

    "the week, at least in Italy, finishes on Sunday night"

    ah ah, you make my day!

  45. #45 Deu says:

    Thanks for your work.

  46. #46 Moini says:

    @Andy: Thank you, I really didn't see it. Great thing to look forward to!

  47. #47 joe suorra says:

    What about no script anywhere, the android FF plugin.
    Will android FF 57 use noscript 10 or will there need to be an update specifically to NSA?

  48. #48 Nick says:

    As encameron said, this last couple of days has been a revelation.

    I realise that I don't actually know what any of my usual websites look like because I haven't seen a website without noScript in years. No ads, no popups, no crap, no tricks, just the information I came to find. Also, my computer is very old, and now that it's loading and running all these useless scripts, it's struggling.

    I find that I really don't like it, and that makes your work essential to how I experience something I do every day. I'm sorry to say that it's taken this loss of functionality to make me do what I should have done long ago and actually pay you some money for your hard work.

    I appreciate keenly all the work you've been doing on 5.x and older versions. I hope you can find the way to keep this up and continue to make a non-broken experience for us in the WebExtensions era and beyond into whatever dumb stuff Mozilla does next, but even if you retire or move on to projects you like better, know that you have already done a great thing for very many people.

  49. #49 Nin says:

    Hello, thank you so much for working on this. Browsing really isn't the same without NoScript. I appreciate it greatly.

  50. #50 Igor says:

    For years NoScript was only add-on I trusted to install and use (just recently I added Privacy Badger, too). And that is not going to change in future. I have updated FF on one machine and I do feel naked without NoScript. Without it Privacy Badger shows 64 potential trackers on /. for example. I'm to lazy to switch back so, for the time being, I'm very picky about which site I will visit with Quantum. On other systems I'm postponing upgrade until NoSCript is ready.

    Take your time and thank you for all your work.

  51. #51 Mikkel says:

    Thank you for the work, I started using NoScript around 6 months ago and havn't looked back.

  52. #52 Adam says:

    Keep on going steady, Maone! Good luck with the FF57 changes.

  53. #53 Ravin says:

    I am awed by your dedication to the product and to your users. NoScript is a core component of my, and my famiy's, browsing. We truly appreciate your effort to keep working at delivering. Additional donations on the way.

  54. #54 OlderLady says:

    Joni Mitchell poetic relief for all you out here on the raggedy edge:

    Late last night I heard the screen door slam....
    Mozilla's paved paradise and we're all stuck out here on the parking lot.

    How do you say I hate you some I love you some all in one line?
    baci e abbracci San Giorgio. Get some sleep!

  55. #55 OlderLady says:

    Also kinda comforting to see Shepard Fairey's Big Red Dino up there on your header.
    Like an old church icon for us grandmas to venerate while the bombs of innovation destroy
    our familiar landscape!

  56. #56 Frank says:

    thanks, waiting for the release before upgrade Firefox.

  57. #57 Nelson says:

    Appreciate your hard work! Thanks for maintaining a great product!

  58. #58 Tom says:

    Thx for your great work!!!
    Take all the time you need, we all will wait patiently until the best NoScript is ported :)

  59. #59 Federico says:

    7 hours left... can't wait!!

  60. #60 Julian says:

    Thank you for your great work! Please publish the NoScript 10 source on Github. I'm sure a lot of people would contribute and help to improve it.

  61. #61 Forka says:

    I don't understand at all, finally will be released today or on next days?

  62. #62 Scott says:

    Thanks for everything you do. Know that it is appreciated.

  63. #63 James says:

    @ Forka,


  64. #64 Pepe Grillo says:

    Muchas gracias por todo lo que haces, el karma te lo compensará pronto (eso espero). Giorgio sos groso sabelo!

    Mis mejores deseos, Saludos desde Buenos Aires!!

  65. #65 linpete says:

    Take your time!
    I got me a firefox portable with disabled update options for inbetween.
    There ist no hurry for voluntary work!

  66. #66 Tom K says:

    Thank you so much for your work on this. Just donated.

  67. #67 JC says:

    In addition to donating, it would be awesome to send feedback to Mozilla telling them just how essential this functionality is to their software. Like many commenters this week, I did not realize just how much I have relied upon NoScript for years. Maybe if they get enough feedback on this they will evaluate how to make it a permanent part of their browser.

  68. #68 Simon F says:

    For one of the best addons ever, we can wait. No apologies necessary... you're doing us all an enormous favour and it's hugely appreciated.

  69. #69 Voltar says:

    Keep up the good work! Just waiting patiently like most of us here are. Don't worry about the negative comments here, can't please everyone.

  70. #70 hors_zone says:


    Thanks for your addons, and great work.

    Although (like some other people here said) I feel exposed in the internet without noscript, you don't owe me any apologies, YOU are doing me a favour. The least I can do is be patient and understand that sometimes not everything goes according to plan and emergencies crop up.

    thanks again

  71. #71 Niko says:

    I know that you are spending all your spare time trying to please your community by working hard to release a workable NS "as soon as possible". I even send you money to help you. I'm just wondering why my comment and my link to your donation page are still pending on approval

    #13 Niko says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 19th, 2017 at 12:16 am

  72. #72 Shell says:

    Thanks Giorgio! You've done a great job sharing progress and that makes a world of difference. Waiting a few days for such a great add-on is well worth it. Thank you for all your hard work. =]

  73. #73 Chich says:

    GRAZIE MILLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. #74 Rain says:

    "If you want to make everyone happy don't be a leader. Go sell ice cream." I want NoScript so take your time sir, you have my full support! :)

  75. #75 Larry says:

    I'm on ubuntu 17.10 running 57.0 quantum and the google search bar is not working anymore so while we wait for noscript can someone suggest how to fix this or how I can go back to a previos version of Firefox?


  76. #76 Cliff says:

    Patience is a virtue.

  77. #77 Bakerboy says:

    Release it when its done. We've all befitted immensely from your work, and I'd hate to see you come to hate it due to the whining of a vocal minority

  78. #78 René says:

    Thank you SO much for making NoScript.

  79. #79 anon says:

    Awesome product - we can wait, sleep and a life are important!

  80. #80 Pam Mori says:

    Big thank you from Florida for all your hard work and I truly appreciate your wonderful NoScript. I understand how it is to be a "staff" of one and a few and please do not take the unkind comments to heart. I am impatient too to get back to browsing with my trusty right click, but understand having more to do than time or people to get it done. Molto grazie!

  81. #81 Namerequired says:

    Just don't say blahblah if you can't get it done until the date you say. Say "its ready when its done". Not "until end of week". Then at end of week (Friday) "Ohh, end of week means sunday". Then on Sunday "...".

  82. #82 TimG says:

    Huge thanks for all your work, which is greatly appreciated. Don't listen to haters, feel the love from appreciative users, release when you are ready and keep enjoying life! Grazie di tutto!

  83. #83 Simp says:

    Looks like the week doesn't end on Sunday in Italy, either? ;-)

  84. #84 deadpool says:

    Seriously! can't imagine a browser without NoScript. All this made me reappreciate NoScript and your hard work.

  85. #85 Q says:

    Well he still got 2 hours left. but I wouldn't mind if it takes a little bit longer

  86. #86 Lee Jin Ju says:

    sticking with nightly until the new noscript arrives so i can change to quantum
    firefox without noscript is not firefox

  87. #87 Edge says:

    Thank you, Giorgio. Respect and appreciation.

  88. #88 Adam says:

    If programmer said you some term, give him one night extra.
    If project manager said you a term, it means "plus one week".
    If (big) company said a term, add a month or two.
    If goverment said a term - it means "never" for positive and "already done" for negative changes.

    O. K., I am still patient. :o)

  89. #89 Ted Blanchi says:

    While waiting for it, why can't you guys use the FF 58 Developer Edition with the older NoScript? It works just fine.

  90. #90 Dutch Yo says:

    All the best on it guys. Time is just a concept. It will be there.

  91. #91 Mike says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I hope that some users, as I have done in the past, will contribute to your cause.

  92. #92 Claes Jacob Baumspieler says:

    Mozilla should have had some of their engineers assist you, this is THE most important firefoxx extension.

    Please take all the time you need to finnish this, without having a stress breakdown ;)

    No one has to urgently upgrade to FF57, doesnt matter if NoScript is delayed a bit.

    Thanks for your effort, ive been using NS since forever.

  93. #93 Jack says:

    So the week is over, even in Italy... Where can we download NoScript 10, then?

  94. #94 Claes Jacob Baumspieler says:

    "So the week is over, even in Italy... Where can we download NoScript 10, then?"

    Are you paying for NoScript? No?
    Then shut your mouth.

    You dont _have_ to upgrade to 57. Just be patient and wait

  95. #95 asfdasdf says:

    "the week, at least in Italy, finishes on Sunday night"

    12:34 AM
    Monday, November 20, 2017 (GMT+1)
    Time in Italy

    An den?

  96. #96 plugos says:

    NoScript is an awesome plugin, the most important for Firefon! In the meantime I will use uBlock Origin, but it isn't quite as good as noScript.

  97. #97 Gubbin says:

    Li'l PayPal sent, have a beverage on me and good luck!

  98. #98 Benjamin says:

    Thank you for your hard work.

    I've switched to nightly and toggled about:config extensions.legacy.enabled to true. I feel safe again.
    That being said ... I think I might need to allow hackademix.net

  99. #99 Jack says:

    @Claes Jacob Baumspieler shut your mouth you tell it to your sister, you retard! Even in Italy they grant free speech since 1945, so I'm free to ask whatever I want to ask. I did't pay for it, but a release was promised by this (now, last) week. Nobody forced him to do it, yet a promise is a promise. He could have just said "sorry, I'm not able to release it until X days".

  100. #100 Username says:

    reading the comments is more entertaining than Netflix, so much drama *grab popcorn*

  101. #101 Rose says:

    I'm glad I let you die of hypothermia. I just didn't want to share the door.

  102. #102 Elthrowawayo says:


    Geez, entitled much?

    You may be free to ask for what you want as I am also free to tell you to be thankful that someone is willing to work essentially for FREE doing something incredibily important even for an ungrateful, vulgar, spoiled brat like you.

    So understand that hard quality work takes time, be patient, and more importantly shut your mouth.

  103. #103 bye mozilla says:

    bye bye firefox, hopefully mozilla follows the trend and closes its doors soon.
    nobody needs your disgusting foundation since you team up with soros.
    i switch to chromium and scriptbloc, much faster and real skilled devs working on the browser instead of code monkies at mozilla.

  104. #104 Thanks Mozilla Firefox and NoScript says:

    What a great and fast browser FF is. I can wait many days to support a person who's been contributing this extension for free. I mean, there is no way I'm using the sniffing trash from Google. Gave a browser the name of a shiny metal and a bunch of ftards with a deficit disorder will join the flock no doubt. I can't understand why those self-entitled schmucks have to come here and complain. Move along with your hate. The Mozilla foundation is great. Soros what? The guy has given tons of money for tons of endowments. This amounts to more than the combined worth of a bunch of morons who will never amount to anything anyway. Please go back to your FB wall and bang your head on it maybe it'll bring some common sense to you, although I doubt it very much. Go eat some alphabet soup and choke on it, whatever.

  105. #105 AgentPothead says:

    Thank you for working on this. You are the true heroes.

  106. #106 Google is gay says:

    @bye mozilla

    Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out ;) Happy deep throating chrome you cry baby. Such a d**riding bangwagoner insulting a browser that is better than IE and Brave and not to mention others. You spoiled diva. Go do your nails you fruitcake.

    VIVA LA FF57 and no-scrip!!!

  107. #107 Martin says:

    Do not worry, thanks for you hard work, really appreciated!

  108. #108 H says:

    I tried to allow legacy extensions, but current Firefox won't let me. :/ I even enabled them in developer mode and normal mode, but they still won't work!

  109. #109 buli says:

    Thanks for your efforts! It's great to hear that the best FF add-on will live through the quantum transformation :)

  110. #110 Bart says:

    I have patience...

    Please keep up the good work!
    I can't wait to be not naked again ;)

  111. #111 Dave says:

    Many thanks for keeping us informed. I'm sure your task is not easy. I too was taken completely by surprise by the new Firefox browser.

  112. #112 Ad says:

    Thanks for the update, hope all goes well with final stages. Working on Waterfox at the moment with No-script, as workaround. Not bad experience.

  113. #113 Andrei says:

    >> I too was taken completely by surprise by the new Firefox browser

    Mozilla informed everyone about this 18 month ago

  114. #114 Rob says:

    It's a great job you're doing Giorgio, just such a shame mozilla had to be so late in releasing the finalised API for 57 quantum.

  115. #115 Simp says:

    Andrei it was sarcasm.

  116. #116 Andrei says:

    my bad, didn;t saw a sign :-))

  117. #117 Jon says:

    Hey man! You're doing an awesome job. NoScript is one amazing add-on that I've never regretted installing. Take your time to perfect it as much as possible before you release. I'd rather have a working version that requires a few patches or updates than a completely junk release. Keep it up!

  118. #118 Matha says:

    Good job! I really respect you.
    Thanks a lot from Japan(*^^*)

  119. #119 Sam (dalla Francia) says:

    It's now that NoScript is not working that I see how much it's useful!
    I'm functional analyst with some knowledge in UI. If you need beta testers or advices on the UI, don't hesitate to contact me.

  120. #120 Peyia says:

    We have no right to complain about anything! This is a free add-on and all the time put into it is a gift for us users. If he needs another week or month - that´s fine with me! We should be greatful and not behave lke we had any right to demand anything.

  121. #121 a NoScriptUser says:

    Where can i find the donate button?

  122. #122 jockie says:

    Countless thanks for your efforts. Never mind the impatient haters.

  123. #123 x says:

    In the upper right corner of the noscript home page https://noscript.net/ there's a paypal donate button and one for flattr

  124. #124 meee says:

    Thank you really for your work. :)
    And I know very well which delays can happen with just a litte bit software. So - take your time, I downgraded to ESR right now, so I'll be happy for the next days (but also looking forward to use the new FF 57, which I really like...)

    But also, to remember for everyone of us: this is a Security Feature. So we all really should be patient. Better two days later and it really works well than a "too fast" release which is broken, because not tested enough or no time to avoid security holes.

  125. #125 Update Please says:

    I don't mind if it takes another day, week, month.

    But please give us an update.

  126. #126 x says:

    I also lost noscript in what looked like a perfectly normal ubuntu update. They and mozilla really handled this badly. Noscript is the number one reason I use firefox.
    Thank you Giorgio for all the effort you've put into this project !

  127. #127 Gabriele says:

    Grande Maone non ti preoccupare e non ti scusare aspetteremo con trepidazione la release vai sereno

  128. #128 howard says:

    G, don't kill yourself. This user will wait as long as it takes, and then some so you stay healthy. It's easy to work yourself to death on deadline. Please be good to your body.

  129. #129 sjw says:

    all people here who defend the laziness of the developer (mozilla announced this change 18 monts ago)
    instead of insulting the critics, how about you help developing noscript to relase it faster?
    one week for the change to web extension is totally BS, this addon does no magic, basically it does a very simple task,
    which umatrix could implement too.

  130. #130 Rich says:

    Thanks for the update. We all appreciate your efforts.

  131. #131 bacman says:

    Thx for the update man, gj btw... I feel naked without this one!

  132. #132 pug says:

    Thank you for your hard work. Very much looking forward to version 10.

    To those who are complaining with something like "it was known for 18 months though", you may want to read up on the rather recent API changes that mozilla implemented. It's kind of hard to port something when it is not yet know whether the function you need will exist in FF57, or if it's delayed until FF58. While the core of NoScript was changed quite a while ago, that uncertainty is driving massive last minute adjustments, which is what Giorgio is frantically working on.

  133. #133 Trevor says:

    @a NoScriptUser, #118

    If you want to make a donation you'll find the links at the top right here: https://noscript.net/

  134. #134 Simone Sollena says:

    Thanks a lot for your work!

  135. #135 Claes Jacob Baumspieler says:

    sjw :

    Since youre the impatient one, shouldnt you be the one to help?

    You dont have a clue what youre talking about, NoScript isnt a simple and easy project.

    Also, umatrix doesnt have the same functionality that NS does.

  136. #136 Entitled Clueless Morons says:

    You are completely out of your depth and have literally no idea what you're talking about. I'd keep your mouth shut lest you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

  137. #137 fabey says:

    Thanks for the update.

  138. #138 LBattis says:

    Giorgio, Thank-you. I know how hard what you do is from experience. Keep up the great work. -LB

  139. #139 Eeya says:


    Hey SJW since your such a great programmer why don't you step up and write the update!

    Oh That's Right You Can't... Only your mouth works. Not your brain.... Too bad

    So why don't you climb back under your rock and let Giorgio do the excellent job that he has always done and SWJ, shut up.

    Thank you Very much...

    Giorgio you take your time. Do it right and don't let these impatient morons get to you. We know, when it's perfect, you will post it.

  140. #140 Fast Eddy says:

    You're doing God's work, Giorgio. Ignore the people trying to stress you out.

  141. #141 Patrick says:

    Hi Giorgio,
    thanks for your great work all the past years! I am using NoScript for a long time now, and think it's one of the must-have addons for the modern web age. Since I lost it with the quantum update, too, I found your blog and the forum, so I took something positive off of it :-)
    Hope you will release the new version rather in days then weeks, but don't worry, be happy ;-)
    I appreciate all your effort :-)

  142. #142 Duke says:

    Agree with Eeya (#134), I'm impatient too but I prefer you take your time, doing it great and stable, not like a Samsung GN7 :)
    Thank you for preserving our private life.

  143. #143 Johnson says:

    Love NoScript and I’m lost without it. Take all the time you need to get it perfect but short development updates would be appreciated and a realistic release date so that I can plan for it.

  144. #144 Bracket says:

    Thanks for all your work. I'm sure you're doing your best to get something workable and stable out, so try not to stress over the frustrated, ranting users.

  145. #145 red floyd says:

    Thanks for the update, Giorgio!

  146. #146 mif says:

    No worries. No-script is great and deserves the waiting.


  147. #147 Rim says:

    Just donated, too. This made me realize the immense comfort of using FF with NoScript and I miss it!

    Greeting from Virginia!

  148. #148 mgol says:

    It's here! :)

  149. #149 Rumpelstilzchen says:

    Finally! Thanks a lot.

  150. #150 CantLiveWithoutIt says:

    Thanks a lot for providing the 10.x version. I think I will need some time to get used to the new interface and UX. I'm currently not sure if this change really is an improvement. However, currently I'm very happy that NoScript made it to FF 57. I'm looking forward to see it on github. Thanks for your engagement. You really saved my day! I simply cannot live without NoScript. So I owe you a lot, Giorgio.

  151. #151 Crusherix says:

    Is it just me or are there no "temp allow" available in v10?
    Like with every redone ui im gonna need to get used to this one, first glance i do miss the old one but i do see that i have more options now although those may or may not have been there before but behind more clicks?

    Temp allow, is it still here if so where did it go?

  152. #152 Clone says:

    Well, I have to say, Noscript 10 is really really different from the past.

    I found NoScript 5 really easy to use, practically useable for the dumbest user possible. The new UI is a lot different to use and I will openly say, I have no Idea what DEFAULT options I should use (at the moment everything off/forbidden) and what I should allow at "trusted" sides. Hell I dont even know what object, webgl or fetch even mean.

    Welp, time to get used to it, there is no better alternative.

  153. #153 Giorgio says:

    Temporary allow is still there, just toggle the clock inside the choosen preset button.
    Also, for HTTPS sites the base domain is allowed by default with cascading, while for non-secure sites it defaults to full address, but then you can tweak this using the options tabs and entering the address (domain or full) you want to manage in the text box.

  154. #154 Clone says:

    Thanks for your answer.

    The clockwork button for temp. allow is really hard to see on different languages. You (or your translators) use the word "vertrauenswürdig" for the english term "trusted". This destroys your format, thus making the clock close to unseeable.
    With "untrusted" or "nontrusted" its even worse, you use "Nicht vertrauenswürdig", which is so long, that the "vertrauenswürdig" is on the next line, overlapping the text of the next script.

    While I always tell other people to use noscript, I never really understood how much it did for me untill it was gone for the past days. Thanks for the most important Firefox Addon, great work.

  155. #155 Jeremy says:

    The new NoScript is unnecessarily complicated. We don't need all of the functionality that you've given. Please change things back to what they used to be. I have no idea how to do anything with this new interface. I went to one site and couldn't get rid of the ads, went to another and couldn't get the video to play. Please make NoScript more simple.

  156. #156 Oleg says:

    Maybe I'm too old for 10.x, if it stays in that shape then unfortunately I have to change noscript to uMatrix. I changed uMatrix to noscrpit 5.x but now ...

    I was happy with 5.x, unfortunately 10.x is terribly weird. Earlier everything was clear and in place. Now it looks like it would be a product for the 14 year old.
    Where are all the advanced options? hmm nope, the current layout is not for me unfortunately. 5.x was exactly what I wanted. 10.x unfortunately failed me. :((((

  157. #157 Freebytes says:

    Thank you for the work you have done to put this together. I was incredibly excited to see the S in my browser again!

    You should have a classic style, though. The old NoScript was so easy to use, and I have no idea what I am doing in this one. Instead of "Trusted" (which often means HTTPS), perhaps you should use the word "Approve". If a site is blocked by default, you should have the word "Blocked" instead of "Default".

    I looked up in the FAQ how to stop the XSS warnings, and it said to turn off the notifications in the options, but there is no notification related options. (There is barely anything in the options.)

    I have figured out that I can simply click Trusted on each of the options, and the custom allows certain options to be turned on and off. This is very close to the old version, but it is going to confuse most people, including me. It seems very complicated when it is not complex at all primarily because the icons and wording are confusing.

    Instead of having the clock on Trusted, it should probably be its own separate option for Temporarily Allow. Also, the green and red locks make it look like the sites are blocked or not blocked. I would say 95% of the confusion people are reporting is related to poor wording and icons.

    I do not even think you should have Default at all. It should instead just be Untrusted by default and then you can choose Trusted. The word Trusted should be changed to Allow. The lock icon should be changed to a small icon that says "SSL Only" instead, and it should not change color from green to red because red makes it seem like the site is Untrusted.

  158. #158 Freebytes says:

    Oleg, I get what you are saying. So confusing to use; however, if you look at the options, it is really almost exactly the same. The icons are just totally confusing is all.

    Trusted and Untrusted. That is really all you need to know from the NoScript menu that appears.

    Mouse over until you find those two icons and ignore every other icon. Default means Untrusted and that it is blocked so ignore it. The locks do not mean the site is blocked or allowed. It is just referencing SSL stuff.

    So, if you visit a new website, just click the icon and choose Trusted for whatever you want to allow. Temporary allow is the clock icon on the Trusted menu.

    I think Giorgio should have tested it with some old folks first to see if they could figure it out before releasing it with any UI changes because going from the old version to the new makes you think it would work the same and then you see the icons, and they almost tell a different story than what is actually happening. The red icon makes you think a site is blocked, but it is not. It is simply indicating HTTPS only is allowed or not.

    I would recommend a simple tutorial that states "Clicked Trusted to Allow Sites" and that is pretty much it, but the problem is that the interface is so simple, but the poorly chosen icons make it seem complicated. And Default should not even exist. If it is blocked by Default then Untrusted should be selected by Default. The fewer icons the better.

    Maybe there should be a "Power User" checkbox under the options and if you do not have it checked, it simply has Trusted and Untrusted as the options and nothing else. Otherwise, it comes up with all of these other features.

  159. #159 D.C. says:

    I know you've done a ton of work and have been under a lot of pressure, but i have to say the new UI is a disaster. I say this as someone who has been programming since the 1980s and spent a good part of my career focused on the presentation of complex data (including computer UI design). Unless big changes are made i'll be going from uBlock Origin to uMatrix and dumping NoScript after all of these years.

  160. #160 Bo Elam says:

    Before anything, thank you Giorgio. I had not updated to Firefox 57, only updated after NoScript 10 was released. During the update to 57, NoScript updated on its own, importing my Untrusted and White lists automatically and eliminating the old version. The process was flawless, beautiful.

    I used NoScript for 9 years. I was very used to the old UI and Settings and even though I like the old style, I am conscious that you have to take what Mozilla gives you and make the best of it with it. People who are complaining should understand that the old UI was not possible with Firefox 57.

    Guys, if you get into it, you ll find that NoScript 10, pretty much works the same way as before. I looked for the similarities with the old version and tried to figure out what Giorgio had in mind when he set things up, and all the things I used to do to Untrust domains, or trust them or leave them by Default (blocked by default but dont belong in White/Black lists) are still available. If you practice alittle, you ll figure how to Tempoarily allow particular sites.

    I have a very large Black list. Thats handled now better than before. You can see it in the UI. Before, we couldn't do that, to see it, we had to open a configuration file and it was hard to check the domains. The way is now, it makes it easier to check it out, monitor it and everything.

    So, you guys who are complaining about the changes, play with NoScript. You need to practice a little bit. Thats all. Anyway, again Giorgio, thank you very much my friend. Greetings from Nicaragua, Central America.



  161. #161 Michael says:

    Bo Elam,

    you claim to have it already installed - how did you do that?
    I can't even find an install button or download button or anything...

    any help appreciated!

  162. #162 Bo Elam says:

    Hi Michael, I was using Firefox 56.0,2 and NoScript 5.17 (I think it was). When I saw a few hours ago that NoScript 10 was released, I update Firefox to 57, and automatically my old NoScript updated to version 10.

    In your case, if you are using Firefox 57, and you dont have NoScript installed at this moment, you can install it at this link.



  163. #163 Disappointed says:

    Sorry but this is broken in so many ways. I cannot use the GUI at all because the fonts are overlaying the buttons. And why is there no option to delete the website in the preferences? All my visited sites are listed there, really great...

    I will use umatrix until the old noscript comes back.

    As another user rightfully wrote: Don‘t fix it if it is not broken! Simple as that.

  164. #164 Bo Elam says:

    Michael, if you are using Firefox 57 and you dont have NoScript installed, just go to NoScripts addon page at Mozilla. There you can install it.


  165. #165 Michael says:

    Hey Bo,

    thanks to your reply, I digged deeper and found the reason:
    There was no "auto update" for the addons and I had to search for updates manually. Now everything works like a charm, but I miss the old easy interface ^^

    Still great work Giorgio!

    Felt so naked without noScript

  166. #166 Sam Adams says:

    First, as with all others on this website, I want to thank you, Giorgio, for the huge amount of work this must have taken to be able to release this as you did so fast. I use NoScript so much that I had reverted back to 56.0.2 just to make sure I had this running.

    But, I am very confused with this new GUI. With the new GUI, how do I (as I was able to with the old):
    1. revoke tempoerary privileges for all websites on all tabs/windows?
    2. allow permanently one site out of many that are executing scripts?
    3. temporarily allow all on this page
    4. Allow all scripts globally (yes, dangerous, I know, but useful every so often)
    5. Easily temporarily allow only one script at a time

    Is it possible to set these defaults? Also, are there icons that can be put on the bar in order to do these operations like the old NoScript?

    Also, what exactly does the lock and unlock icon mean on the options page for any domain? Does that mean that if I have it locked that only the https version of this page complies with the option set and the http version is allowed or not?? ;Very confusing.

  167. #167 JR says:

    At last! Not having noscript is as safe as tea bagging the top of a piranha tank. Smart work Giorgio, Javascript is our bitch again!



  168. #168 Wurl says:

    Thanks for rewriting the Addon for Quantum.
    But, I also have a usability problem with the new UI (menu):
    - the dialog that opens when clicking the Noscript toolbar-icon is always too small to show its content (it has scrollbars always, and I can't reach the bit-of-an-icon on the bottom-right).
    - in the menu:
    - - the texts overlay the icons
    - - entries are moving around whe you avtivate something else
    - - Does the lock (antd tooltip) show the current status or the action that will be performed on click?
    - I miss the other toolbar icons.
    - In the settings tab, I see a list of websites only, no other configuration.
    I'm using German version of Firefox.
    I guess it's partly because FF Quantum limits the possibilities for UI, but I stronly hope that the current implementation can (and will) be improved.
    Please send me an Email if you need screenshots or other diagnostic info..

  169. #169 Fan of Noscript says:

    I too like the old UI better. Specifically, I like "temporarily allow" and "allow" having different buttons. And some better explaination of what the toggleable padlock icon does would be nice (messing with it seems to disallow whatever its next to too).

    One thing I miss is the ability to toggle global script allowing on and off from the menu.

    Another thing I really miss is the ability to disable automatic page reloads (that is, when it reloads a page after you change a permission and exit the menu). This is very important when you are in a form that you shouldn't reload the page for, but which you have realized that you might need the scripts on for.

  170. #170 Neph says:

    Thanks so much for the new version, browsing websites without any kind of NoScript add-on was really scary!

    I'm just a little bit confused about the new UI. In the old version you could just click on one of the domains and it would enable/disable scripts for it (and show that it's enabled/disabled), now you have to click on it, then check the "scripts" box. Without clicking on it first, it also doesn't tell you if scripts are enabled or disabled unless it's set to "trusted".
    Would it be possible to get back the old UI without all the extra checkboxes (object, media, frame,...)?

  171. #171 Jeremy says:

    NoScript still is not working. I donated $100 to you last week so I've earned the right to complain, and this software is not working. How do you use it? Why did you make it so complicated? I'm trying to get it to allow a website that I've used for years and NoScript will not allow me to add it to the "Trusted" list. Please tell us how to use this software, or better yet, change it back to the way that it used to be. Nobody was complaining or asking for more functionality. Please change it back, because right now NoScript sucks.

  172. #172 Neph says:

    Unfortunately there's a huge bug that appeared with the last update (when you added the "temporary ..." buttons):
    If I enable scripts for googletagservices.com on Youtube, it also automatically enables them for doubleclick.net, gstatic.com and all the others.
    Since it's doing this, it also won't load any youtube videos, it's only showing a black screen with the grey loading circle - even after enabling all the scripts, reloading the website and restarting FF.
    I also just restarted my PC (Win 7 64bit, FF 57, no addons apart from NoScript and ABP) and it's still doing it - not only on Youtube but also on Amazon and every other website I load. It looks like it enables every other script too if you enable a single one but it isn't actually doing it, it's just setting the checkmark.
    It does the same thing when I disable a script, it automatically disables all the other ones except those that are set to "trusted".

  173. #173 Matte says:

    Hi there,
    first Thanks for all the effort regarding NOScript - I am using it for a long time in Firefox.
    Problem I am facing Within Firefox 57.0 64Bit and noscript is on Kraken.com
    The site is telling me that Scripts are blocked and hence it is not fully operational.
    I tried all possible settings in NOscript *including to allow all scripts globaly
    I am still getting the error on Kraken.com (the site seems to work fine except the warning&error message)
    So the only way of getting rid of the error on Kraken.co is to fully deactivate NOScript...
    Please contact me via Mail if further information on this is needed
    THX again!!! Please cuntinue great work
    Kind Regards, Matte

  174. #174 theblackscorpio says:

    Suddenly appearing the same problems with my university's OUTLOOK inbox, (which ran fine earlier) and Gmail inbox (Also ran fine earlier). Had to completely disable NoScript for these inboxes to work.

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