You may have noticed I'm rapid-firing NoScript updates to steer the new UI toward most reasonable directions emerging from your feedback.
Unfortunately (or not, in time) it couldn't ever be exactly the same as before, simply because the underlying "legacy" Firefox technology (XUL/XPCOM) is not available to extensions developers anymore. But it can become even better than before, with some patience and some.
Now to the pains.
This morning version 10.1.3rc2 has been available for a couple of hours, with some important fixeds but an even more annoying regression: it erased all permissions from the TRUSTED preset except for "script" (so no objects, no media, no fonts, no background loads and so on). Worse, the checkboxes to restore them were disabled. Since then I've released 10.1.3RC3 which fixes the disabled checkboxes issue, but you still need to restore the TRUSTED permissions (I suggest to check everything, like in the screenshot before, in order to make TRUSTED sites behave as if NoScript wasn't there).
Sorry for the inconvenience, and please keep the suggestions coming, thank you.
All permissions checked in the TRUSTED preset

87 Responses to “Growing Pains (10.1.3 RCs)”

  1. #1 williaty says:

    Are you taking any look at performance? I'm having HUGE performance problems with Firefox when NoScript is loaded. It actually is bad enough I've had NS disabled for the last several days. It gets to the point where pages can't scroll smoothly and instead jump down by half a viewport every 10 seconds. Clicks take ages to respond. Trying to drag a tab to a different window takes 30+ seconds.

    As soon as I disable NS, all that goes away.

    Any thoughts?

  2. #2 Giorgio says:

    I use NoScript for my everyday browsing and don't experience anything like that, but it can be site-dependent, configuration-dependent or both.
    Could you please temporarily (as that does affect performance) check the debug option and send me your JSON-exported configuration by email, plus the list of your installed add-ons and a couple of pages I can test for performance delta?
    Thank you!

  3. #3 Solo says:

    If you accidentally upgrade from NS 10.1.2 to 10.1.3rc2 because you had setup in FF update automatically, can you just disable it and put back in the previous version or do you have to uninstall it and reinstall 10.1.2 so that it is fine? If I uninstall and reinstall will I lose all the settings I did for the different websites I had before? LMK, thanks.

  4. #4 Giorgio says:

    @Solo: you're much better off upgrading to RC3, which is a huge step ahead over 10.1.2 and it's not affected by the RC2 bug.

  5. #5 0-AID says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work with this add-on. Unfortunately I'm still seeing performance issues with this update since I've upgraded to Firefox 57.

    NoScript works better when it's disabled at the moment.

  6. #6 Solo says:

    @Giorgio: Is there any problems upgrading directly from NS 10.1.2 to RC3?

  7. #7 Andrey says:

    Hi from Russia to Giorgio and your team! Don't pay attention to negative responses of impatient idiots. I thank you for work on this excellent add-on. I believe, that everything will turn out.
    NoScript forever!

  8. #8 oldetyme1 says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    This version appears to function very nicely, so far.

    The "Custom" being temporary is functional as expected, and other items appear to be working more smoothly.

    One thing I am still very confused by is the red vs. green (http vs https) options, but, overall, the add-on is working MUCH better, and is VERY close to what I'd call "stable" for every day usage.

    Again, THANK YOU for all your work on this. It is very appreciated.

  9. #9 Markus44 says:

    In the latest version there sometimes appears a red background behind one or the other unchecked option fields, such as e.g. behind "scripts" or "fonts".
    Does this mean "watch out, they will _not_ be coming from https (green)" or does it mean "this field has to be checked for the contents to appear"? Or something else?
    It's not really clear to me so far what this means.

  10. #10 Oliver says:

    had performance issues too. after disabling the use of hardware acceleration and limiting FF to two working threads in FF options performance is overall better. loading NS options page still breaks other tabs until I restart FF. I suggest hardware issues as the reason. I am using Linux on an not brandnew notebook so maybe videocard driver is creating sometimes problems. For instance I can not use FF screenshots as well on my Linux notebook. The screen is then blacked out. On other machines it works well. So it is not always NS creating problems but the needs of FF and webextensions itselves for the capabilities of the videocard. Just a guess... ;-)

  11. #11 Vince says:

    I'm having issues with previously working and trusted scripts on certain websites not loading the content anymore. I've only noticed the problem on one entertainment site so its not really an issue, but it was working before the update. Thanks for the updates anyhow.

  12. #12 Jose says:

    After upgrading to 10.1.3c3 dropdown options is empty, all the scripts are blocked even if I allowed before, settings panel is blocked and doesn't show my rules. I tried disablig all addons but NoScript with no effect. Demo:

  13. #13 Jose says:


    After upgrading to 10.1.3c3 dropdown options is empty, all the scripts are blocked even if I allowed before, settings panel is blocked and doesn't show my rules. I tried disablig all addons but NoScript with no effect. Demo:

    @Everyone having performance problems:

    Try to disable "Sanitize cross-site suspicius requests" option under NoScript Settings.

  14. #14 Stevo says:

    #9 Markus .. same issue here on 10.1.2. and on the actual 10.1.c3 with this background square around some of the checkboxes. linux and windows machines .. the two that are on ff 57 and ns 10 at the moment (i'm writing this from production machine on ff 56.X an ns 5)

  15. #15 Phil says:

    Keep up the great work!

    I just want to point out that there may be an issue with some but not all YouTube live streams. For instance, Bloomberg's live stream sometimes works and sometimes does not even if I "Temporarily allow all this page".

  16. #16 Anja says:

    Thanking for developing NoScript and for updating it currently!!!
    I totally miss ABE (very convenient feature), so I hope it will be back soon?
    Also, I am trying to get used to the new NoScript, but there are things I just don't understand: What do the numbers around the icon tell me? I thought it was the number of blocked scripts, but it does not seem to be true. Sometimes it says 14 and I can only see 5 scripts in all (not even all of them blocked). When hovering over the icon, I see more numbers, e.g. here "NoScript(0/3)", "

  17. #17 Fegr says:

    A website has not only "one" script, it could have more scripts and the number show when fonts and other stuffs are blocked! And Script can reload other scripts!

  18. #18 NoScript says:

    I hope you'll add the import/export option again.

    I had to "Refresh Firefox" because things started acting weird or not working and now I have to redo my permanent allow list:

    I could login to eBay, but I would keep getting eBay error messages.
    Pandora would tell me my login information was wrong (it's not).
    Trying to send my username when logging in on YouTube wouldn't get accepted (pressing enter from the text field or clicking "Next") and I would be stuck in the enter "Email or phone" screen.

    I tried creating a new profile and transferring over the old "prefs.js", but it didn't load from it (looked like a fresh NoScript user with no permanent allows)?

    I tried copy/pasting over all the loose files from the profile root folder over to the new profile, and it did load my old NoScript settings, but it would act up as I've described above (eBay, Pandora, YouTube, etc).

  19. #19 Solo says:

    This version still has many bugs to iron out. I have come across sites where I would trust them and nothing appears!

  20. #20 NoScript says:

    There's any way to disable logging to console?
    On certain websites that autorefresh frequently, like Tweetdeck, it becomes almost impossible to stay navigating without refreshing the website after 10 minutes because the console is filled with log messages.

  21. #21 poke says:

    Ever since the new Noscript, the blocking seems to be "inferior" compared to the old one. I always like a "backup" blocker in case Noscript misses stuff and right now it's Umatrix. The thing is, with the old Noscript, if I went to Youtube and blocked, Umatrix would never get a request for it and would never show its domain. Now, when I use Noscript, even iif I set to Untrusted, Umatrix will get requests for it.

  22. #22 Andy says:

    @Giorgio you may want to check out the informaction forums for a pm I sent. A few of us have been mocking up a variation of the gui that may be more manageable.

    here's a proof of concept that someone has worked on

  23. #23 Andy says:

    ... it also looks practically a part of Firefox which makes it feel even more slick.
    Other draft ideas:

  24. #24 Giorgio says:

    @Solo: are you sure you're on 10.1.3rc3 and not something lower?

    @NoScript: please check whether you've got the "debug" item checked in NoScript's Options panel.

    seeing the same stuff in uMatrix, in Adblock Plus or in other blockers is unavoidable because in the new WebExtension API there's no way to control which extension processes the request first (this was different in the more powerful "legacy" API, where NoScript used to force itself on the front line).
    And yes, the new NoScript is very different it's not been a choice of mine, but a necessity due to Firefox 57 being very different: something is even better (the XSS filter, for instance, cannot block the browser for seconds anymore on very heavy requests), something is (still) worse to many people (like the UI, which I'm trying to adjust to the feedback), but NoScript is still the only extension with unique features focused on enhancing the security of your browser, rather than just on tracking or advertising.

  25. #25 Markus44 says:

    Could you please answer my question (#9 above)?
    I see no mention of this new feature anywhere.

  26. #26 andeux says:

    One performance issue I've found, on a particular site (a wordpress blog) with a bunch of embedded twitter posts.
    Loads reasonably quickly with noscript disabled.
    Loads reasonably quickly with noscript enabled and scripts from and blocked.
    Takes several minutes to load with noscript enabled and scripts from twitter allowed.

  27. #27 Langenscheiss says:


    Sorry for the late response (was busy doing my actual work). Onto the "blocking other webextensions" problem again:

    You don't need a contrived case. It's very basic. I am launching xhr request from the code

    function downloadCitation(request, link, sendResponse) {
    var citation = new XMLHttpRequest();
    citation.onreadystatechange = function() {

    if (this.readyState == 4) {
    if (this.status == 200) {
    request["citation_download"] = this.responseText.slice(0,200000);
    request["citation_download_status"] = 3; //signal that the request has worked
    } else if (this.status == 0) {
    request["citation_download_status"] = -2; //signal that the request should be repeated from the global context, to circumvent a potential "mixed content" problem
    };["citation_download_method"], link, true);
    citation.timeout = request["citation_download_timeout"];
    citation.responseType = 'text';

    in an ! injected content script! (not the background script, since this doesn't work due to cross domain issues since Firefox 57) to download citation data (it's a citation downloader similar to Zotero) from a subpath on the same domain (which is allowed within the Firefox cross site policy, but apparently only from the content script, was different for previous versions of Firefox). With NoScript on, this does not work from the content script. And xhr from the background is useless for me, since I don't want the user to grant the plugin permission for every website on installation (it's the only other way currently on Firefox, works much better on Chrome). It simply looks bad, and as long as I am acting within the cross site policy of Firefox, everything is fine imo and should be allowed by NoScript.

  28. #28 bleh says:

    Your most recent updates have completely destroyed my noscript that was working just days ago...

    I've reinstalled it like 5 times now, nothing to be done. not sure what's happening but I'm a couple days away from giving up on this extension and this browser

  29. #29 Znrl says:

    I did also update my UI sugestion:

  30. #30 Giorgio says:

    did you explicitly remove it before reinstalling? If you didn't, pleas try: it seems to be corrupted profile data.

    the red background means that something of that type has actually been blocked on the page, so you likely might that permission in order to make it behave as expected (or, to say it better, you probably don't need the others).

    I'll look into that, thank you.

  31. #31 poke says:

    @Giorgio I see thanks for the explanation. That makes a lot of sense actually. I understand the necessity of Webextensions and how important it is to Firefox, so I have no complaints about why you changed various aspects of Noscript.

  32. #32 Bounder says:

    Are you able to update us with a list of the major features/fundtions that are currently active in NS-10+ and those that are not perchance?

  33. #33 hans says:

    Still cannot even play Youtube vids, disabled again.

  34. #34 tryingtobehelpful says:

    I posted this to the forums under support as well. In my case, I had to uninstall NoScript, restart Firefox, re-install NoScript and THEN follow the instructions in the blog post to re-enable permissions for "Trusted" sites. Before I re-installed, I followed the directions above, but when I closed the NoScript settings panel and re-opened it, the changes would disappear (ie only Script would be set). So at least in some cases it appears that a re-install is of NoScript is required.

  35. #35 Richard says:

    Hi Giorgio,

    thanks for your valuable work!

    There is still an issue with non-standard top-level domains. If I allow something like ...acme.corp with https switched on, subdomains like portal.acme.corp are not matched. I suspect that the pattern matching algorithm is too picky on top level domains (maybe limited to well-known or 3 characters max.) Are there any plans to fix this?

  36. #36 StashOfCode says:

    Suggestions :

    - Add a button in the menu window for globaly enabling / disabling scripts
    - Add a button in the same menu to display script names on / off
    - Add a button in preferences to display on / off authorization by domain in the menu window

  37. #37 NoScript says:

    "@NoScript: please check whether you've got the "debug" item checked in NoScript's Options panel."

    I just did, and enabling "debug" just shows a "Policy" window below it filled with code. I looked top to bottom and no new options showed up.

  38. #38 slartibartfast says:

    How do I update to the latest version? I am stuck on RC2.

  39. #39 Jose says:


    I noticed where the NS 10.1.3c3 stuck comes from. If I disable "Sanitize cross-site suspicius requests" option under NoScript Settings after a Firefox restart NoScript becomes completely broken.

  40. #40 Giorgio says:

    @Jose: Thank you for your insight! A hotfix for this issue is in 10.1.3 now :)
    Everybody please upgrade!

  41. #41 Solo says:

    Response to post #23.

    @Giorgio, yes it was with the latest version C3. I even tried custom and nothing showed up. Other than somethings on the site and at the top of the site it said that Java needed to be enabled for site to work properly. When I disable C3 it works fine. So something in C3 is not working for that site and probably others. Version 5.x was perfect. This is truly unfortunate.

  42. #42 Markus44 says:

    Just did a re-install of NS to 10.1.3 and now, when I click the icon in the task bar, I get no longer a pull-down window, but the NS window "falls off" and is a separate small window now; at the same time, the main window reduces its size. That's not good to work with. ;)

  43. #43 Markus44 says:

    And I forgot: Thanks a lot for your answer (#29) re: the red backgrounds to some fields (#9)! That's a very cool feature, thanks!

  44. #44 Markus44 says:

    @Giorgio, re: #41 above:
    Similar description of this new problem in 10.1.3 by another user here:

  45. #45 Wrecked on the Tundra says:

    I am seeing an odd symptom today... If I click on the NoScript button in FF the screen drops out of full screen and the NoScript options window opens on my primary monitor, which is typically set to black screen. I am using a single extended monitor via hdmi cable off an Asus laptop running Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit. I cannot shut down to test other configurations right now... Important work is in progress. Everything seems to function as expected but there is some new behaviour going on.

  46. #46 theblackscorpio says:

    Reinstalled, and all the problems I had have vanished. Thanks a ton, Giogio :)

  47. #47 flawless says:

    With an empty whitelist and NS5 I needed to allow youtube and googlevideo to play a video but with NS10 allowing youtube only is sufficient.
    What makes it work now? Is NS10 blocking less by default?

  48. #48 Andrey says:

    #41 Markus44 says:: Just did a re-install of NS to 10.1.3 and now, when I click the icon in the task bar, I get no longer a pull-down window, but the NS window "falls off" and is a separate small window now; at the same time, the main window reduces its size.

    Same thing

  49. #49 sepehr says:

    hi i have noticed that in the past 2 hours when my firefox 57 64bit is in fullscreen mode and I click on noscript icon, it minimizes the firefox. any help?

  50. #50 detzt says:

    #41 Markus44 says:: Just did a re-install of NS to 10.1.3 and now, when I click the icon in the task bar, I get no longer a pull-down window, but the NS window "falls off" and is a separate small window now; at the same time, the main window reduces its size.

    Happens for me as well, and it even opens the whole NoScript options page in a new tab in addition to the dropdown in a separate window...

  51. #51 SAF1 says:

    #22 @Andy : wow that GUI looks very nice.

    @Giogio : thanks for your hard work, I wish you well.

  52. #52 Tarja Halonen says:


    Any news about NSA for Firefox Android?

  53. #53 StashOfCode says:

    Trouble with 10.1.3 Quantum / Windows 7 : clicking on the NoScript icon turns the Quantum window from "maximize" to "restore"...

  54. #54 sepehr says:

    #47 sorry I meant restore NOT minimize, and another problem: even if I do NOT change the permission, the website will reload. for example if I click on noscript icon (oops!) and change the "default" status of one of the websites to "temporary trusted" and again (without clicking anywhere else) to "default" and then click on somewhere else, the website reloads. which does not mean anything because nothing has changed.

  55. #55 Sorenzo says:

    @Giorgio, regarding comment #51:
    I can confirm this bug in version 10.1.3 installed the 29/11;

    From maximized ff57 goes to restored when clicking on noscript icon on windows 7 home.

    Actually somes times the noscript drop down menu appears in a separate window.

  56. #56 Giorgio says:

    I've found the culprit of the problem with maximized/restored windows, it's already fixed in the code which will go into tomorrow's release, thank you all.

  57. #57 Markus44 says:

    Glad you found the window bug so quickly.
    I reverted back to 10.1.3c3 until tomorrow.

    One thing I noticed is that the CUSTOM permissions sometimes are immediately permanent, right with the first click, which shouldn't be that way.

    After a bit of testing, it seems to me that they are only temporary with the first click __when the domain name is in red__. With all https sites (domain name in black), however, it seems, the permissions are made permanent, without clicking twice. That's not in the sense of the inventor, I guess :)

    Would be great if the clock was active right away _for all sites _, both https AND http.

    Thanks a lot for doing a great job!

  58. #58 Markus44 says:

    Addendum: After some more testing, it seems my above theory (#56) is not correct. The behavior seems to be erratic, I can't make head or tails of it right now, but it would be great if it could be solved because the temporary CUSTOM permissions are so important.

  59. #59 NoTwo says:

    I realized, that "default" setting, when surfing to a new site, is allowing very much by doing nothing. I would suggest to allow configure NoScript to "allow nothing" by default (switchable option).

    Thx for the good work! :D

  60. #60 NoTwo says:

    Oh well, i need to add, it's easer than i thought, lets configure "untrusted" as default setting instead "default".

  61. #61 Ti says:

    FWIW, anyone that takes it on themselves to provide what is essentially a GLOBAL service - for FREE - deserves every ounce of respect coming his/her way.

    And so it it that I will add to the chorus of thanks from others for your seemingly tireless efforts to give us all back that most necessary of add-ons we have all enjoyed.

    Thank you.

    I have previously donated to NoScript and no doubt will again when you get it stable for FF57. Until then, I will wait patiently and take my chances without it - for now.

    Sooo -- I'm kinda putting my safety in your hands. No pressure. ;-)

    Thank you.

  62. #62 Theo says:

    I know it's been brought up a few times but I'm one of the people who would rather have the page completely disabled by default.

    I understand some folks would rather disable scripts on a working page than enable scripts on a broken page but maybe a toggle to disable all scripts similar to the toggles for temporary permissions?


  63. #63 E C says:

    I just cannot follow or understand the UI. I never have an idea of which settings are set. The tool behaves unexpectedly and I cannot easily enable parts of websites as I was able to with the older version.

  64. #64 A says:

    Working a lot better than 2rc :-) But still missing the sites you usually whitelist )lots of Google tag thingies and noscript itself). They are NOT present in my UI?

  65. #65 macintom says:


    Thx for your steady work o NoScript! I´ve got a feature request (or maybe it is possible and I haven´t found the solution yet): I would like a possiblity/a button that removes all permissions/denies that have happened in the past. I know that I could go through the debug-code and do it manually but it would be so much easier to have a one-click-function to go back to a clean-install-state.

    And yes, as further mentioned: by default all scripts should be blocked an manually allowed.
    Sorry for my bad english, I´m not a native speaker.

  66. #66 anonymoot says:

    Seems like something definitely broke with either Firefox 57.0.1 or NoScript 10.1.3 as clicking the icon is completely crazy. Most of the time when I click it in a maximized browser window the browser window merely stops being maximized and nothing else happens.

  67. #67 Raima says:

    Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for creating a version of the best Firefox add-on.
    Next, I would like to explain some bugs I am having in the new version of NoScript 10.1.3.
    Clicking on the NoScript button in the top bar no longer displays a bubble with the different scripts and options. Now clicking on NoScript directly opens a pop-up window, which goes against the very principle of the add-ons, because a new window as if it were an ad does not improve the functionality at all, on the contrary, it seems that NoScript has become a pop-up ad that then must be closed to continue browsing the web.
    Another error that has appeared is that every time I click on the NoScript button, an empty pixel is added to the size of the browser window, so after several actions with NoScript, my browser has increased the size inside the screen.
    I hope you can correct these annoying bugs, version 10.1.2 was better, in my opinion.

  68. #68 Bugreport says:

    I've reported this before but since 10.1.3 made it worse, I like to point to a rather severe bug, rendering NoScript almost unusable for me:
    1. Clicking on the logo to gain access to the settings for the current page doesn't work, this always opens the full settings page
    2. (this is the part I reported before) Once on the settings page, all tabs go blank with a loading spinner displayed, I cannot make any settings on the settings page and only killing Firefox helps to regain control over Firefox.

    Please fix this. Before the switch to the 10.x branch NoScript was invaluable. Now it's constantly broken or misbehaving. Please note, that other extensions with a similar setup of a small site menu and a larger
    settings page, like uBlock Origin, are working fine. Therefore I doubt it's an issue with Firefox itself but rather NoScript's way of using the new API. Maybe have a look at uBlock Origin? They seem to know how to
    use the WebExtension interface.

    For now I have to disable the whole of NoScript, because I can no longer give temporary permissions.

  69. #69 S says:

    Came to post about the Windows resize bug on click on logo, I see you have already addressed this issue @54.

    Thank you for your continued work.

  70. #70 Oliver says:

    I can confirm #66 about tab behaviour and the opening of the full settings page.
    I want to add:
    full settings page opens, when I am on apage with a "?" in the noscript icon like firefox settings, ad-on settings, ublock settings etc. and click then the noscript icon. else it works normal and opens the normal drop down.
    the loading spinner appears randomly on other tabs after changing settings (is there an animation when changing settings?) on the options tab of NS. other effects are randomly blacked out pages, black or white squares on the other tabs, one-time flickering of FF GUI(!). In the white or black pages links could be clicked even if they cant be seen. so it appears to be a graphical issue. Closing the affected FF window (!) helps. Not closing the whole FF is necessary. Have installed ublockin for comparison of behaviour and have learned that there are no effects like at NS. So maybe cleaning up the optionspage (using just standard checkboxes or radiobuttons) may help. It ist just a feeling ;-)
    Growing FF window after every click on NS can also be confirmed.
    but as long as I dont have to use optionspage everything seems to work quite fine for me ;-)

  71. #71 Fran says:

    What is the significance of the red vs. black domain names?

  72. #72 Solo says:

    Too unusable for me. I will be using other tools. Thanks for trying G!

  73. #73 Chris says:


    RC3 version worked ok, but 10.1.3 making problems.
    On some sites, when i click NoScript iconin toolbar i shows permissions panel in separate window and additionally changes FF main window location. I've even reinstaled it (removed first) but it didn't helped.
    For examle prblem shows on

  74. #74 Bubba says:

    How does one remove websites/domains from the listings? I.E. visited a site - gave permissions and now it is on the options page and cannot be removed. Thank you for your tireless efforts!

  75. #75 Layman_User1 says:

    #22 I also vote for @Andy GUI suggestion. It looks more similar to what the old NoScript looked like and uses words. I think it would still look good with NoScript's icons instead of the firefox ones.
    When setting custom permissions in the hidden menu, 1-click on the three dots/drop down arrow/whatever should make the options that appear be temp allow and 2-clicks on the drop down should then make them permanently allow options. That way people who want to take the time to maintain white and black lists can open the menu upon first visit and custom set permissions, with trail and error, and then 'save' them with the second click so they never have to come back to it, and people who want to take the time to always manually permit scripts to run as needed can open the menu and easily load only what they want with minimal clicks.

    Also I vote for 'temporarily allow' possible with 1-click, and allow it to be set up to have those permissions end with the tab.

  76. #76 HigherPower says:


    When using 10.1.3 and opening the options page it minimizes the page. Please fix.

  77. #77 HigherPower says:

    Sorry @Giorgio I just read your #54 post :o

  78. #78 Fegr says:

    #71 @Bubba
    just give the site the "default" permission and when ou reload the option it will be removed

  79. #79 Bencyc says:

    I remember somebody mentioning the browser window is widening on the righthand side.
    That happens on Ubuntu 16.04 so much I loose the scrollbar!

  80. #80 Sum Gai says:

    Right, so NoScrip is now resizing my windows when I left lick on it. I want to keep the window fullscreen, but whenever I click on NoScript, it switches to a smaller window, and occasionally opens up several pop-ups of the current page's scripts instead of using a dropdown menu.
    This is very, very frustrating and need it to stop happening, but THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO OPTIONS IN THE OPTIONS MENU. So I can't fix this. I'm tempted to just uninstall the thing and reinstall it to see if that fixes things, but I highly doubt it will, and I really don't want to have to re-enable every single script i've whitelisted...

  81. #81 Bo Elam says:

    @Fran #69. Those colors are useful, they tell you if a domain is https (black) or http (red).


  82. #82 justin says:

    Does NoScript10 config screen match the Windows user interface colours?

  83. #83 HigherPower says:

    @Sum Gai (#77)

    Tomorrow's update will fix the windows resizing issue. Scroll up and read post #54

  84. #84 Anon says:

    Disappointed in the XSS Warning popups - I installed Noscript to get away from those annoying things, not to get more of them. Even worse, the only "stop asking" option is the one where you always allow the request, thus encouraging compromising security to stop the security suite from bugging you, and even that doesn't stop the popups from coming if the page is spamming XSS attempts (see: Tumblr).
    If you can't do a bar under the bookmarks bar like in old Noscript, at least put XSS warnings in the Noscript menu.

  85. #85 Giorgio says:

    the only "stop asking" option is the one where you always allow the request

    Thank you, this is gonna change in 10.1.5, to be released over this week-end. In the meanwhile please upgrade to 10.1.4, thanks.

    Regarding the popup, unfortunately that's the only way to cope with this kind of notification in WebExtensions: I cannot even open the NoScript menu programmatically, it must be responding to user's click :(

  86. #86 HigherPower says:

    The XSS pop-up though a tid-bit annoying perhaps for some users is something I can easily deal with. In all honesty it's good that it alerts me and lets me know immediately what is happening so I can keep an eye out next time on that type of site.

  87. #87 Giorgio says:

    Closing comments here, please continue in the 10.1.4 post, thanks.

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